Andrew E interviews David Cotter (Pet Graveyard)

Gruemonkey’s Andrew E sat down with actor David Cotter to talk about his latest film role in Pet Graveyard. David shone as the lead in Pet Graveyard –  be sure to see Gruemonkey’s review of the film.

Let the interview begin:

Andrew E: Can you tell me about “Pet Graveyard” and your character within it?

David Cotter: The film follows a group of teenagers who want to reconnect with loved ones who they’ve lost. They are willing to risk breaking into the afterlife to get one last moment with them. My character Jeff is one of the instigators as he is struggling to cope in life after the tragic loss of his mum.

Andrew E: I was thrilled to see a female horror director behind ‘Pet Graveyard’ as there is a lack of female directors in horror, what was it like being directed by Rebecca Matthews?

David Cotter: It was an absolute pleasure. Rebecca is a fantastic person to be around on set and she led the whole production in style. I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Andrew E: It looked like a fun shoot, what was the hardest bit about filming – I can imagine being the plastic bags over the head?

David Cotter: Yes, the plastic bags were pretty crazy but I love that kind of stuff so I just had a load of fun. As with most films, the ‘fight’ scenes are always tough to choreograph so that was probably the hardest part.

Andrew E: Horror films can often have some intense things to film, unlike other genres – were there any elements that you struggled with emotionally?

David Cotter: I actually connected with the script and the character of Jeff quite quickly. I felt like I understood him and what he’d been through. I approach most of my characters in a similar fashion regardless of the genre of the film, so there are always elements that are tricky.

Andrew E: Can you tell us any behind the scenes moments from Pet Graveyard that were fun?

David Cotter: Every scene I had with the cat (Nimoy) was fun for me. I’m a massive cat person so I naturally found myself gravitating towards Nimoy between takes to give him a stroke and a cuddle. Let’s just say the fear I had for him in the film definitely doesn’t translate into real life.

Andrew E: I thought you were a very strong actor in the movie, you really shined – How do you prepare for a role?

David Cotter: Thank you! As mentioned I approach most roles in a similar fashion and this was no different. I read the script a stupid amount of times, gather all the info about my character and their relationships with others, seek out the differences and similarities between myself and the character and then to connect as emotionally as possible. The closer I can get to thinking and feeling like my character the better.

Andrew E: This is (according to IMDB) your first horror – would you pursue more work in a horror film?

David Cotter: Definitely. I recently filmed my second horror as well and I love the atmosphere on set for horrors. It’s a great laugh. I’d love to do more.

Andrew E: Did you feel a responsibility being one of the lead roles?

David Cotter: There is always somewhat of a responsibility being one of the leading roles (more lines, longer hours etc) but everyone working on this film was really supportive so it made it into a really fun shoot.

Andrew E: Tell us something random about you, that others won’t know?

David Cotter: My guilty pleasure is food shows and documentaries. I’m obsessed with them!


Andrew E: What is next for you, where can we see you next?

David Cotter: Another untitled horror film will be released this year so if you follow me on IMDb or Instagram:
You will see it soon! I also recently finished a short named ‘Between Men and Monsters’ which will also be released this year. Thessalus and Medea is a short film I did that will be released in May.




Andrew E: Pet Graveyard was originally titled ‘Mummy Resurrected’ which do you prefer? Or do you have your own title you’d like?

David Cotter: I like Pet Graveyard as it is an excuse to have Nimoy the cat on the cover, and let’s face it, he was really the star of this film.

Quickfire round:

Andrew E: What is your favorite scary movie?

David Cotter: Thirteen Ghosts

Andrew E: What is your biggest fear?

David Cotter: Centipedes

Andrew E: Ever experienced anything paranormal?

David Cotter: A ghost in the basement of a shoe shop I used to work in (it was a friendly ghost so don’t worry)

Andrew E: If you could film a role in an existing horror franchise who would you battle with?

David Cotter: Chucky, someone needs to finish off that evil doll for good.

Andrew E: Where can people follow your work?


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