Andrew E interviews Antonio Rastelli

Gruemonkey’s Andrew E sits down with Antonio Rastelli actor who has recently starred in Craig Fishers ‘Nightmaere’.

Check out what we talked about below:

Andrew E: What was it like working on ‘Nightmaere’?

Antonio Rastelli: It was absolutely fantastic from the go. Craig and the team really made me feel welcomed. It’s always unnerving when you’ve never met a crew before but I couldn’t fault it. Craig also makes a banging lunch, just saying.

Andrew E: Can you tell us who you play in the film? And what your character goes through?

Antonio Rastelli: So I played the lead, and I think rather than over think it I went to it from the perspective of someone who’s actually experienced sleep paralysis before. I did imagine him being extremely stressed from the constant bouts with it, something I luckily don’t suffer from.

Andrew E: Can you tell us some behind the scenes gossip, were there any funny bloopers? or memorable moments?

Antonio Rastelli: I don’t think there was much gossip on set. I remember a lot of laughing and the fog machine being set up and me being scared of the finger in the mouth. Bloopers, well I may off accidentally broke the sink plug in the bath whilst I lounged there in between takes. The water was cold as! Haha.

Andrew E: You are semi-naked throughout the film, was that daunting being shot only in underwear?

Antonio Rastelli: Haha not at all. I’m not really shy when it comes to being naked, perhaps it’s the Italian in me. I’ve always walked around my own home without caring much. To be honest I would have done it in the nude if it was required. Work is work.

Andrew E: Do you have a love for horror, or were you just taken by the role?

Antonio Rastelli: Both! I adore horror for the most part. A horror that makes you think and process what you’ve seen. Night of the Living Dead is perhaps my all-time favorite. I’m not one for torture porn though, things like hostel don’t interest me. If you were to put a hammer horror marathon on then I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Andrew E: What have you got coming up?

Antonio Rastelli: Well I recently had a short story come out both in book form and as an audiobook which was super fun to write. Due to how far I live getting involved in theatre and filming is tricky but I’m always wanting to do it. I really need to learn to drive.

Andrew E: I was really impressed by your performance in the film, do you have any rituals before you perform?

Antonio Rastelli: I try to envision what the character would have been doing just before filming starts just to get a head start before the cameras rolling. Also, thank you, it means a lot to think people enjoyed it as much as I did.

Andrew E: Would you work in the horror genre again? Is there a franchise you’d like to be a part of?

Antonio Rastelli: Absolutely. I’d love to do horror again. Especially if it throws conventions on its head. I’d love to be a final boy in a movie but at the same time, I’d love to play a twisted villain. I don’t know about the franchise but I’d love to be in a sequel to The Final Girls if they make one, which I adored and cried at. But I’d also like to be in something surreal like Dave Made A Maze, where there are the bodily horror and the horror of being a 20 something nobody with no idea of what you want to do and how to finish what you start.

Andrew E: Craig Fisher (Director) is one of a few actively promoting as an LGBTQ director, did that add to the appeal for joining a project?

Antonio Rastelli: Absolutely. There are stories to tell in every corner of the world and I think Craig has a brilliant way of touching on them and bringing them to light. There aren’t many LGBTQ horrors out there, the one that stands out is Nightmare 2, I’d love to be in something like that. Someone get me a crop top!

Andrew E: If you had a do-over is there any elements of Nightmaere you would redo? Something you’d tackle differently? or want another chance to attack?

Antonio Rastelli: Less clothing! Haha no. In all seriousness, there isn’t anything I’d change other than breathing in a little bit more. Craig and the team did a fab job and I’m eternally grateful for the chance to work with such a talented bunch.

And thank you for being such a great reviewer! Brilliant questions and a pleasure to chat!

Andrew E: Thank you so much for chatting with us!

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