Cursed Soul Pilot; Watch it here!!

Check out the first pilot episode for an up-and-coming web series by creator Bazza Cash.

We reviewed the pilot a few weeks ago on GRUEMONKEY, so now you can watch it yourself. Click Here to read.


‘The Cursed Soul’ Is a British supernatural drama about the life and adventures of the heroic vampire Nicoli (Nico) Ov-Ski. Nico was once a human being, but was cursed by dark forces, thousands of years ago, and became the first vampire in existence.

Nico now fights for the forces of good and champions for the light. Along with his powerful and compassionate wife Delia, budding young Witch Lola La Font, an ancient and mysterious Enchantress Avon De Frockall, Nico and his pack defend the town of Blighted Vale.

But things lurk in the shadows; vicious, bloodthirsty vampires, demons and much worse. It is up to Nico and his pack to protect humankind from these sinister entities.

On top of that, Nico must also contend with his troublesome younger brother and a rogue vampire, Michael, as well as his manipulative sister, Chalice and her scheming lover, Vegore… You can’t pick your family, but blood is thicker than water – especially among vampires.

Only wolves run in packs, but Nico is the first Alpha vampire. And with his pack, Blighted Vale remains safe from the darkness. But for how long…?




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