Bloodshed Deathbath Productions presents horror short Shovel!!

From the Press Release:


We, the deranged film makers at Bloodshed Deathbath Productions, have released our latest horror opus entitled Shovel. While only 6 minutes long, it was a year in the making with over a dozen very intense and physically demanding shoot days which involved capturing some gripping cinematography, stellar drone work and highly detailed creature makeup and practical effects. The stunning finale of Shovel has left viewers shocked and craving for more.
Director Ryan Policky, “This was one of our few times of recent that we have skipped the comedy and gone for the fear, and I personally feel we hit that visual mark. Shovel is kinda like a music video mixed with traditional narrative and I love the way it came to be. For sure one of my favorite shorts I’ve had the pleasure of working on.”

Shovel stars Aeona Cruz of Terror Tales, Amateur and Unmarked fame. The young actress excelled on set and remained unfazed and professional no matter how surreal or bloody the scenes became. Doug Newville (Dinner with Leatherface, Auto Shop of Horrors) played the beast himself and thrived within the role and became the demonic brute that is Shovel. Shovel also stars Benton Mckibben, Isaac Archuleta, Rodney Tidwell, Amanda Eldritch and Sara Eldritch
The unsettling soundtrack of Shovel was performed by the horror industrial group Genessier who ratchet the terror up like a taught garrote around your neck.
Shovel is dedicated to the memories of Sara and Amanda Eldritch who tragically took their own lives in a suicide pact.


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“A fun and twisted little gem, Shovel will haunt you long after the final credits roll.” – Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination/Dead Awake)


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