Andrew E reviews “The Cursed Soul” PILOT

Gruemonkeys Andrew E was lucky enough to view the pilot for a new up and coming vampire web series called “The Cursed Soul”.


‘The Cursed Soul’ Is a British supernatural drama about the life and adventures of the heroic vampire Nicoli (Nico) Ov-Ski. Nico was once a human being, but was cursed by dark forces, thousands of years ago, and became the first vampire in existence. 

Nico now fights for the forces of good and champions for the light. Along with his powerful and compassionate wife Delia, budding young Witch Lola La Font, an ancient and mysterious Enchantress Avon De Frockall, Nico and his pack defend the town of Blighted Vale.

But things lurk in the shadows; vicious, bloodthirsty vampires, demons and much worse. It is up to Nico and his pack to protect humankind from these sinister entities.  

On top of that, Nico must also contend with his troublesome younger brother and a rogue vampire, Michael, as well as his manipulative sister, Chalice and her scheming lover, Vegore You can’t pick your family, but blood is thicker than water – especially among vampires.

Only wolves run in packs, but Nico is the first Alpha vampire. And with his pack, Blighted Vale remains safe from the darkness. But for how long…? 

What was the pilot like?

The pilot for “The Cursed Soul” was an interesting one. There are lots of stories being introduced that could be really exciting to see flesh themselves out in the full first series. The director and the writers are clearly passionate about this project. There are some brilliantly framed sequences which add a real essence of high production value. Acting is really strong throughout, which as we know with indie productions can sometimes be hit and miss.  Nico the lead of the series is nicely portrayed by actor Bazza Cash and he delivers with clear conviction and a brooding sense of loneliness. There is some brilliant sexual tension between Nico {Bazza Cach} and his partnering with actress Karina Kinga Kiss playing Delia.

The pilot is short just under 15minutes but it packs a lot into those minutes. I am told the rest of the series has longer episodes. Again without dropping major spoilers, there is a great ending to the pilot leaving you wanting more.

What I liked about “The Cursed Soul” pilot?

I liked the story, it was well presented and at times narrated which allowed you to easily understand the set up of what the series will be. I liked that this is indie, as it gives the cast and crew creative control of what is happening. I am left thinking about what I want from the first series and that has to be a good thing. I am hopeful about the direction as I can see the series developing into a dark world, with sexual freedoms and depravity. I think the series can also have some fun, with some nicely written one-liners and humor rolling in.

Nico was played very nicely and there is something attractive about a brooding vampire isn’t there? And I think Bazza Cash pulls that off nicely. And judging by some of the photography for the first season things are going to get rather heated for our haunted lead.

What I didn’t like about “The Cursed Soul” pilot?

What I didn’t like was being stuck with just the pilot. I like a show that when you watch a pilot you form an idea of its identity and then you continue watching to see if you are right, or if it takes different directions. This isn’t a criticism as I know the series is still in production and I am lucky to of nabbed an early screener of the pilot. I think there were some good action sequences which I know weren’t finished in the early screener in terms of effects. It is hard to find fault with the show, as it a decent indie pilot that will only improve by the time the general public is able to see it.



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