Robert Englund might be open for a new Freddy film!!

It can be one thing or a mixture of things for Robert Englund to change his mind on being Freddy Krueger again in a new Nightmare on Elm Street film. He’s open to it now. The Goldbergs may have changed Robert Englund’s mind about appearing as Freddy Krueger on the big screen again or he see’s the success of Halloween. 

Robert says: “I think they want to reboot the franchise, but they’re gonna need a new actor. They’re gonna need a new actor to play Freddy because they’re gonna have to do eight of them. I might have one left in me… but yeah.”

Robert also says this: “I’ve been very protective of the character for years… I said no to (series creator) Adam (Goldberg). And then he sent me probably the most beautiful fan letter I ever received, telling me how much A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors meant to him. And then I started thinking about my fans, how it dovetails with the 80s experience and this sort of retro memory play that The Goldbergs is about.


The Goldbergs Mister Knifey-Hands episode airs this Wednesday at 8PM on ABC






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