Help Chris LaMartina make the sequel for WNUF Halloween Special!!

Chris LaMartina (Call Girl of Cthulhu) is known for the film he directed in 2013 found-footage movie “WNUF Halloween Special,” now he has launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking $50,000 to produce a sequel. The original film made you feels like you were watching a real VHS recording of a live Halloween broadcast from 1987. CLICK HERE FOR THE GO FUND ME PAGE FOR THE SEQUEL.

“WNUF Halloween Special” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and it’s about a television tabloid reporter hosts a live broadcast complete with commercials at the site of brutal murder with a team of paranormal investigators. 

LaMartina is seeking $50,000 to produce the sequel. The sequel is set in the 1990s. LaMartina says: 
“We shot the original WNUF on tape stock for peanuts, “This time, the vision for the story has increased in scope. There are a lot of insane things we want to do that require over-the-top props, sets, and gnarly special effects.”

Campaign rewards include copies of the film on various formats, cameo roles, a one-of-a-kind VHS edition with an exclusive bonus commercial, producer credits and more. The largest reward will bring LaMartina and members of the crew to the donor for a Halloween party.



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