Nick Castle talks putting on Michael Myers mask one last time!!

James Jude Courtney is the main man in the mask as Michael Myers in the new Halloween film. But Nick Castle cameos as “The Shape” in a scene where Laurie finally sees him again in an upstairs window, on the prowl. She shoots the window out, but it turns out she just saw his reflection in a mirror, which shatters.
When Nick Castle saw Jamie Lee Curtis on set, she said to him: ‘Is this nuts or what?!’ What the hell, this is going on again 40 years later?”

When Nick Castle compares his Michael to Courtney’s Michael, he says: “I was more like a panther and he’s more like a lion,” says Castle, who also did a lot of the character’s heavy breathing in post-production for Green’s “Halloween.” Courtney’s a bigger guy – he’s 6-foot-3, Castle is 5-foot-11 – and “did a really good job. It’s a brutal Michael.”


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