Blood Tomes

R and J Farms Cornfield of Terror is a Haunt worth checking out!!

R and J Farms Cornfield of Terror is an amazing experience. It is located in Egg Harbor NJ at R and J Farms. I found this place by accident and I am glad I did. I went to my dad’s for the weekend to help him move into a new house. I wanted to do something Haunted. Me and dad drove to a store and came across signs pointing to this place. We decided to skip the store and go check out this haunt. Once you drive into the parking lot, you get that feel of fall and Halloween. The atmosphere was great. When you park, you see a spot with all Pumpkins and you get to pick what pumpkin you want to buy. You are on a farm, so there is a lot of way your walking on. You have a stand for tickets and a stand for Refreshments. Then on the left side of the side are a bunch of tables to sit at and watch a movie on the big screen tv they have on the field. You also can sit by the bonfire.

You have a choice to do one or the other or both. They have just regular walk throw a cornfield that isn’t scary. Just for fun, mainly for the kids. Then you have the haunted Cornmaze. You wait in line to get on the hayride. They hayride drives you to the Cornmaze. While your riding the Hayride, the actors come  out to scare you and have props to. Then they drop you off in front of this barn looking place and you wait to go into the Haunted Cornmaze. 

Once you walk into the Cornmaze, it’s very spooky. The actors pop out of the corn, then they also have spots that are set up like a movie and the actors are very good at it. You have your chainsaws and jump scares and creepy props. What more can you ask for. I highly recommend this haunt. 

Are You Ready for the SCARE of Your Life?
Legend has it that many years ago a local farmer from this area went into his cornfield to bring in the harvest and was never seen again. The only remaining evidence that something horrific has happened was the pool of blood in the dirt and scattered pieces of flesh.
Every fall the blood curdling screams of the victim can be heard when the moon is awake during October. As you walk the dark cornfield’s path, you never know what fright is around the next corner. If doesn’t matter how fast you are, the demented creatures of the Cornfield of Terror will hunt you down. This is your worst nightmare come true. The sights and sounds of the Cornfield of Terror will leave you screaming for your life as well as running out of your shoes. You don’t have to be the fastest, just don’t be the slowest. Will you be the next victim?
R and J Farm also has a non-scary corn maze for those that do not have enough courage or simply want to test their navigational skills in the dark with nothing but a flashlight to help guide your way though the corn. Enjoy our free outdoor movie as you sit by the bonfire. During the day, you can take a leisurely hayride out to the pumpkin patch.
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We promise to scare the pants off of you or at least make you run out of your shoes!




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