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A long time ago, in decades far, far away, there was something called TV specials. Shows or movies, usually holiday themed, that popped up on broadcast TV during primetime. Man, did those of us who grew up when they were still a thing love them! They were the talk of the schoolyard the day after they aired.



Yeah, there are a few that still air, mostly Christmas stuff, but with cable and Netflix it’s not so “special” anymore. The thrill was in waiting for them to air. Primetime TV was a big deal back then, not so much now. Plus there’s not nearly the amount they’re used to be and some holidays that once sported many don’t get any specials anymore.

Holidays like Halloween.

Did you know that Halloween was once second only to Christmas in the number of specials it had? There were TONS! From the late 60’s all the way up the 90’s, Halloween specials would air every October. It was awesome!



For some reason, most likely cable becoming common, the specials stopped. For years they only existed in the fuzzy warm memories of those of us who grew up with them.

Until now.

Thanks to Adam Selzer, an author, and lover of Halloween specials, we now have a place that not only list just about every damn Halloween special made by year, including super obscure ones, we also have reviews and info on how to watch them!



Actually, Adams site began in 1998 and grew over time thanks to fans tipping Adam off to forgotten shows. Dude is clearly passionate about these specials and he’s funny and insightful to boot.

It’s high time these beloved specials were revisited. Blow the door of nostalgia wide open and relive your childhood, if only briefly. Hell, maybe you have youngsters of your own and want to show them the treats mommy and daddy watched at their age. Kinda awesome that these great shows and movies can be shared with a new generation.



Look at me getting all sentimental and shit.

Real talk though; if you’re a child of the 70’s, 80’s or  90’s, prepare to return to that magical time as you revisit these old friends!

BTW, many of these specials can now be found on Youtube!

Click below and have fun!

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