Andrew E’s Forgotten Gems: Mommy & Mommy 2: Mommy’s Day

This series of articles is looking to revive some classics that never made legendary status like the Halloween, Friday 13th franchises did.

Forgotten Gems: Mommy (1995) and Mommy 2; Mommy’s Day (1997).


Max Allan Collins

Intended as the unofficial sequels to 1958’s classic ‘The Bad Seed’ we see the star of that movie Patty McCormick all grown up and being a mother.

The first film ‘Mommy’ introduces a young girl named Jessica Ann who wants to be a normal teenage girl but  is faced with a Mommy who will go to any length to ensure the best for her; “Who loves you more than anything on god’s green earth” is a spine-tingling line the killer Mommy often repeats. Jessica Ann has had a difficult life, her father died when she was young (possibly by her Mommy – though this isn’t confirmed but hinted at) and then her wealthy stepfather also died in suspicious circumstances. It isn’t long before Jessica’s life turns further into tragedy when all the people around her begin to meet their demise. It doesn’t take Jessica long to realize everyone who she has fallen out with or anyone that challenges her Mommy are victims of unexplained deaths. From her teacher, janitor and her Mommy’s partner. Luckily for Jessica, her Aunt (played by Brinke Stevens) is the only source of sanity in her life and someone who she trusts and confide in.

The murders and bodies pile up before Jessica Ann realizes her Mommy is behind them. After Mommy turns on Jessica she realizes she too is in danger. After a climactic showdown where Mommy tries to kill Jessica but can’t follow through with it, we end with Mommy being arrested for her crimes after saving Jessica from a bloodthirsty security dog.

The film is low budget but manages to blend comedy with a dark sinister performance from Patty. There are some brilliant scenes between the characters including an amusing jar opening sequence. The relationship between Jessica Ann and Mommy is beautiful and one where you can’t help but feel there is deep love between the mother and daughter though completely misguided.  The film isn’t gory the deaths are fairly well executed some better than others. Definitely a strong start to this two-part film franchise.

The second Mommy 2: Mommy’s Day picks up a year or so later. Mommy is on death row for her murderous killing spree. After escaping near death Mommy is placed on an experimental drug programme designed to minimize murderous thoughts.


After being deemed a successful participant in the drug programme Mommy is released but told not to see her daughter Jessica-Ann. Nothing appears to stand in the way of Mommy attempting to see her daughter. Jessica Ann is now living full time with her Aunt (again played by Brinke Stevens).

Bodies begin to mount up, and Mommy is the number 1 suspect. Trying to prove her innocence the relationships between the police and her daughter becomes heated. But is all as it seems? The sequel offers some touching and unexpected twists and turns in its finale. I won’t ruin it!

Low budget yes, but full of heart and good acting? absolutely! This is a film franchise I would love to see a third installment of. Maybe Patty could return as Granny? I think that would be a brilliant sequel idea!

Check out the movie and let us know what you think?

The movie can be difficult to track down, but i think worth it! The 10ths anniversay edition is packed with special features.

Andrew E.

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