Help donate to Halloween star Daeg Faerch’s Patreon!!

Rob Zombie Halloween star Daeg Faerch wants you to donate to his Patreon. He had his claim to fame playing young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO PATREON. Below is what Daeg says about his Patreon:


Hello! My name is Daeg (aka rapper MC Daeg.) I have been in the arts since I was just a little Faerch. You might know me from the horror movie ‘Halloween’ as young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s /07 film, or Will Smith’s movie ‘Hancock’ but I have many other creative abilities. Since an accident a few years back I have taken a break to figure out what I really stand for. AND I AM READY TO COME BACK WITH PASSION!! I mean peace, I mean good vibes, I mean love, I mean a brighter future for earth and humanity. I want to bring this to you via my music, performance, films and arts. The bitter-sweet part is it has always been just my mom and I without many resources, we are the ‘passionate struggling visionary artists.’ I have adopted an idea, a mission, of happiness. With your contribution, here, on “Patreon” I will be freed up to create; I can create for you, speak to you, and contribute to the healing. When you help, even at the most modest level, it enables me help you by infusing our futures with creativity and inspiration. Click to Give! Let’s do this beautiful thing together…


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