False Awakening


Awoken yet the dream tightens it’s grip on my body opening my eyes to another dimension with familiar comforts of my world. I look around the empty room seeing the lamp and feeling the bed underneath me. Everything remains normal as I stand up and make my way to the bathroom when a voice from the kitchen tells me to come over. Hesitation prevents a swift reaction looking back to the bed seeing the only person who should be present in this empty vessel of an apartment, my wife who is sleeping. The voice churns one more time calling out to me not for help but for visual verification of what the being is. Curiosity overpowers fear as I walk towards the mysterious noise hoping if this is a dream to wake up before I reach the source of the grave voice. I slowly curve around the corner I guide my vision to the dark kitchen only illuminated by the creases in the window blinds. Stopping in my tracks as my eyes catch the dreadful creature impersonating a battered slender woman, with jet black hair reaching the bottom of her spine. I look down at her hands holding a small body, possibly a child? It must be her’s, I assume. She gradually turns towards me exposing nothing but a large mouth with tempered knife teeth and a hole where the nose is usually located. The smile she presents too me is less human and more demonic leaving me with plaguing questions than my initial awakening thoughts. Before I utter a single word my eyes open to once again see the empty but occupied room of my dwelling.

Is this another dream or have I drifted through the threshold back into bittersweet reality? Only time will give me answers. I glance to my left seeing the familiar beautiful woman sleeping undisturbed by my erradict movements. I arise slowly not to cause an interruption with her peaceful dreaming and involving her with my cryptic illusions. Both feet finally reach the ground pushing this heavy body up everything is sluggishly moving is another level of this hellish paradox of my sleep. I walk only to move at a sluggish pace as though my body was solely made of concrete and granite. I make my way toward the doorway of the bedroom that so far has divided us from the outside fiends dwelling in the rest of the apartment. I reach for the light switch but before I can turn on the bulb the apartment is lit but not a from a light-bulb this blood red light comes from the corners on the ground separating wall and floor, opening a pathway to a location I very much wish to keep a mystery. A fiendish cackle from the kitchen,Why there again what is the significance of it? This time I walk to the voice not out of freewill but under control of a higher or lower being fixating my eyes not only the woman and child again but now a seven foot tall beast of a man stood over them breathing heavily on them as they stand not in terror but in acceptance of what’s to come next as though its reoccurring and know escape is pointless. However this time the woman has more humanly features which makes me believe this must’ve been how she lived before her encounters with the devil I assume. I try too speak to the lady hoping for her to listen and run from the creature who wishes harm upon her but not a single word is spoken. The demon’s breathing gets louder as the saliva from it’s mouth falls too her feet,she then bows her head dropping the baby on the floor the Devil-Man’s jaws grow to the size of a shark along with the familiar knife like teeth previously upon the women. It’s jaws reach around her shoulders clamping his jaws crushing through bones and flesh, he rips the poor woman’s upper chest from the rest of her body leaving a torso and legs he would finish after taking a few seconds to digest his first bite. Silence for a moment when I see the demon pick up the baby with his enlarged claws raising it to eye level when he opens his mouth and his tounge stretches from his skull to the child licking it’s face as if sampling his next snack. I can no longer stand this creature’s brutality I run towards it but my body still sluggish so its more of a gentle crawl. Before I can reach the end of the counter that bastard tossing the small child in his mouth chomping away. The noises I heard from that will scar me for the rest of my life in this dream and in reality if I ever have the chance to experience it again. I am haulted by some force casted on me by this demon as he stares at me his eyes are two golden yellow lights beaming from his sockets piercing my mind I understand now why they stood petrified this dark magic renders the body useless. It takes one step towards me already facing his stomach, he’s so goddamn close I swear I can hear his previous meals screaming within the abyss. He raises one claw to the middle of my forehead between my eyebrows and carves a warp hole drawing. The pain is more vivid then the visuals but not as prolonged, He then whispers an encoded message I cannot quite grasp then fades into the ground. I turn to the room hoping to find something that can take me from this dream. My movement has been restored as I run to the bedroom to find a sight just as heart-wretching as I just witnessed, my wife in bed with fiends. The orgy did not stop at any moment of my initial arrival till I walk towards the bed when they all stopped and waived for me to join in this unholy act, my mind said not to fall for the treachery but my body was again controlled by an unseen force bending my will of morality. They clear the way too my wife only as I reach her do they swarm ripping flesh as I penetrate the once sacred part of her body which is now used for debauchery and punishment. I stop right before the climax realizing we have no more flesh to give one another, I finally gather enough strength to fight off the demons when her gentle hands grab my skinless face she speaks to me,” What have you done to us? We now reside with the beasts and whores!” Her eyes convert beckoning the golden yellow light from her sockets as she repeats this three more times.
Until my eyes open yet again to an all too familiar scene, my room. I hesitate to move from the bed due to my last experience and even more of a delay to see my wife or whatever she transformed too now. Is this another step deeper into a reoccurring nightmare or has my mind bent reality into a twisted illusion, insanity is a turbulent affliction. The creature that lays next to me speaks in dead tongues that dismantles my reality sending me into a spiral further into madness. The desperation to reach sanity forces my hand to grab her shoulder turning the cold body towards me, I become consumed by paralysis infused with dread when its revealed this entity next to me is the dark haired fiend. Her jaw widens as she clinches my shoulders pulling me closer to the jaws of the abyss where the former spirit of this woman dwells now, awaiting a soul to join her in debauchery and misery. Dear God, if this is the last moments may it go by without pain which was no doubt my plead would go unheard as this was not a creature of God but of the forsaken one. A mix of adrenaline and strength beckon at the last possible minute breaking away from its grasp and a roll off the bed, jumping to my feet I turn and let my body take me away because my brain can always catch up during the stride. I make my way through the fiery blood red living room to the front door immediately opening it with no intention of looking back to see the creatures whereabouts as I assumed where I stood was not far enough nor any other place but the less visual of what I leave makes the path forward much more clear. My first steps outside are met with uncertainty as the fog constricts my vision to only a few inches in front of me as the door is closed behind me followed by a sinister cackle from within my former dwelling. Finally look back to see the door no longer there and makes the situation sink deeper than it was moments ago. I made this my path so I begin my decent down the stairs which seemed to increase in depth the further down I went until I finally reached the ground which felt like walking on ice since the thought of bringing shoes never crossed my mind once during my escape. I make my way west assuming this world has some symmetry with the world I transcended from though I would not become a betting man so quick. The more steps I take the more my muscles begin to tighten through my body not just from the artic temperature and lack of warm attire but the feelings of anxious fear as I await the next being out for my life. My steps hault when a menacing gift is presented in front of me, boots and a jacket, I don’t think praise should be shed upon the sameritan as I believe it was more of a message, “Don’t expect to get out anytime soon“, is all that played in my mind. I grab the boots giving them a quick shake and check making sure I’m not met with a small surprise,mainly a damn spider, then put on the jacket a bit more swiftly because the cold seemed more dangerous than a tainted jacket. What’s this in the pocket? I thought as my hand reaches inside,pulling out a note that reads, “Your on the right path,Drifter,Salvation awaits you through Redemption”. The message has a dual effect on me one side, at least I’m on the right track as the other raises more questions as to what is ahead of me. No reason to hold up the inevitable ceremony that awaits me at the end of the road.

Thirty minutes into walking my body grows heavy not of exhaustion but this weight on my shoulders inflicted by this worlds gravity but still make my way to my undetermined fate. A sound from my right pierces my eardrum like a guided bayonet, its a scream of a woman being tortured so a heroic action is channeled as I run to the woman but as quick as that feeling came it left just as fast when my eyes beheld the giant beast from earlier. It raised its arm high in the air only to release a brutal slash ripping through the woman’s face instantly shredding her identity then stepping towards her slowly his clawed foot is raised and slammed against the delicate female chest breaking each bone on its way through her flesh making contact to the floor under her. From my left a man’s voice makes its way to the beast shouting demands to stop or it’ll be met with consequences which the beast reflects with laughter and steps to the foolish man grabbing his misguided fist,snapping it from the man’s shoulder. The man lets out a painful grunt when the large claws press the man’s temples till his skull is obliterated leaving two bloody corpses. The paralyzing fear consumes me again till the beast’s yellow eyes lock onto me as he steps in my direction the only thought is to keep running in the original direction. My legs guide me leaving space between the diabolical creature and I. When I reach a house which for some reason feels familiar to me but unsure of the origins. It didn’t make much difference I felt my entrance was expected and opened the door to what fate held for me.

A combination of sewage and algae become the abundance of the smell as I made my way inside no light just a few candles laid on various fixtures presenting a path to follow. Leading through a narrow hallway too a basement where the stairs put my mind and body in a trance influencing every movement I make. Each room I pass by is the space reserved for ghosts of victims and the deviants who sent them there reliving the cause of this effect. I’m so deep in this hypnosis I pay little mind in the clues to why I was brought here. The basement invites me to be a guest as it is my humble host. When the voice tells me to stop I listen leaving me to stand in front of the beast and myself though his apparel was much better than mine. He wore a jet black suit with that familiar golden-yellow colored undershirt. The smile he wears is more sinister then the suit as the beast is follows his every movement and command. “You don’t need to speak here, I will tell you what needs to be told or at least as much as your mortal mind can handle. I am you and you are me that is obvious but I only appear when you want me too…Need me too. You don’t belong here nor out there, you belong to a certain buyer’s revenge,a person you and I damned along time ago but your feeble mind forgets when,what,why, and how? Its OK, guilt is easily forgotten but hardly forgiven. Your ex wife never had a chance to forget nor forgive you in fact forgiveness was the last thing she considered mainly why the big fella’ behind me has joined us. See she bought your life by giving her’s to a certain Lord of revenge,mayhem,chaos,etc.,etc. He obliged her and now you… I mean we are marked for death and doomed to a fate of spending eternity with the vile woman we so desperately wanted to get away from. In order for us not to suffer,at least not so soon is to kill that gorgeous new wife of yours because that’s the bitch’s vessel she’s going to use to reach us. You must do this I will help you but first you must wake up. This will no longer be a world of dreamnt up paradoxes this will be the real thing we just had to get you out of that place and mind set to warn you of the danger since we made friends with people in low places.” he spoke leaving me with chuckles that began to fade in frequency as my vision began to also fade into complete darkness.

My eyes open slowly seeing the ceiling that I prayed was real not part of this turbulent break from existence. Then my head lowers to see my wife smiling sweetly as she sits on my pelvic. Her eyes sparkle in the dark bringing a much needed smile to my face considered previous events. Her gentle hand caresses my chest and the pleasant touch soothes me but when I look into her eyes,they are not the ones that belong to my wife,they are the bright eyes of the fiend,the ex wife, I now remember however to late. The pain in my chest is sudden as the blade impales me not till the knife is twisted spanning from one side of my chest-plate too the other side does the pain intensify leaving my last moments of life painful and the smile that once was infectious has now become the most terrifying thing I will ever see. She leans to me and whispers one haunting phrase ” Guilt is easy to forget but hardly forgiven,Darling”. Then my vision fades to darkness as I travel to my next destination in the afterlife.

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