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Celebrity Picks: Adam Bucci (Let It Kill You, 10 Year Plan)!!

Hello Grue-Lings,

Adam Bucci came from a military family. He loved broadway and wanted to become a actor. He got his start in acting in Life Could Be A Dream and Justin Love. He has appeared in hit tv series such as Days of Our Lives and Nashville. He is also a regular on the LGBT series on Netflix called EastSiders as Trevor. He also appeared in LGBT comedy film The 10 Year Plan.  The film appeared in over 50 film festivals and won 10 awards. Adam will be in a coming of age LGBT Werewolf Horror film called Let It Kill You, where he plays Rafe Barelli.  Here are Adam Bucci’s Favorite Horror Films:





I was in 6th grade and I never made it to the theatre to see it b/c I wasn’t old enough.  When it came out on VHS I bought it and watched it over and over.  I was obsessed. I made my best friend watch it even though she was terrified of horror movies.  I remember she held her hands over her eyes and I promised I’d let her know when that opening scene was over.  I lied and she opened her eyes right when Drew Barrymore was hanging from the tree.  She still hasn’t gotten over that haha.  Sorry, Jeni!





All I have to say is JoBeth Williams. I could watch this movie over and over because of her.  She was brilliant.  Nothing like a Mom doing whatever it takes to protect her family.  That scene where she’s struggling to get out of that muddy pool?! AHHH love it.






In grade school when we had to pick a book to read and do a report on it….I would only read Stephen King Books.  I don’t think my parents knew and I’m surprised my teachers didn’t worry about me.  Pet Sematery was one of his stories that just effected me. Again, I think it had to do with family and trying to keep it together…even if it meant burying them in ancient burial ground so they’d come back to life!






 I had an insane crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar. I still remember watching the trailer in Computer Science class and couldn’t wait to get out of school to buy tickets. I yet again couldn’t get in the theatre b/c I was underage so my Mom had to come see it with me and my friend.  I felt really cool let me tell you. I still think the whole sequence from Gellar watching her BF get murdered during the pageant all the way to her death in that alley full of tire stacks just 5 feet from help is one of the most nail biting  sequences in horror.  I also really had (have) a crush on her…did I mention that? 🙂






 I Grew up watching bits and pieces but never saw the whole film until Adam Huss and I were doing our werewolf research while writing LET IT KILL YOU.  I fell in love with it.  It’s still scary and the effects hold up better than all these crazy CGI movies that come out these days.  Along with An American Werewolf in London the amazing practical effects are why we want to go practical for LET IT KILL YOU.  George Troester and Cig Neutron from Syfy’s FaceOff are already in the process of building our kick ass Werewolf!






While Huss and I were in the middle of writing LET IT KILL YOU, we rented IT FOLLOWS on demand.  HOLY $H*T was it awesome.  Everything from the direction, tone and music was brilliant to me.  It was fresh, scary and smart! I hadn’t scene a horror film like this before and it became an inspiration to us while we continued to write our script.






The fact that my parents wouldn’t let me watch this made me want to watch it more.  It was on HBO or something and my parents taped it on VHS.  I snuck into my parent’s room when they weren’t home and watched it while sitting on the floor with my finger on the stop button just incase they came through the door.  It was epic to me and took several viewings for me to appreciate it. I was fascinated by it. I loved everything about Vampires way before I became involved with Werewolves.






This made my list because I never remember jumping out of my seat so much.  If I was in that cave and saw one of those creatures I would’ve died of a heart attack before they even tried to eat me.














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