Celebrity Picks: Ryan Colucci (Suburban Cowboy)!!

Celebrity Picks: Ryan Colucci (Suburban Cowboy)!!

Friday, 02 March 2018
Celebrity Picks

Ryan was part of the Peter Stark Producing MFA Program at USC. He received his BA in Film Studies and Production. He is a member of the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society and the Gamma Phi Business Honor Society.

Ryan has produced shorts such as: Boot and Rally, Under Pressure, 4 2 3, and With You. He has produced feature films such as: Battle of Terra and Suburban Cowbay. He currently has a film in post production called White Space. Below are Ryan Colucci’s Favorite Horror Films:




THE SHINING (1980): 

My favorite filmmaker doing a horror film with my favorite actor. Kubrick’s ability to tie physical violence to psychological dread in the film is nerve-wracking. Jack Nicholson’s decent into madness is a thing of beauty. There isn’t a single wasted performance… or even a wasted shot. The tension ratchets up throughout the film until the excruciating finale. This is a no brainer for me.




Mulholland Drive:

The diner scene is probably the biggest jump scare I’ve experience during a film. Just for that it needs to make my list. However, it’s not the jump alone, but the build-up to it is terrifying as well. It all happens relatively early in the film, so it gives everything that follows a sense of dread… a feeling that something insane and terrifying can happen without warning. It put me on the edge of my seat for scenes like that at Club Silencio.





The film that gave birth to an entire sub-genre, the slasher film. I wouldn’t be able to put Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street on this list, because they are deviations from what is the first and best, for me. As a child when I first saw this, it was terrifying to think about killer that cannot die, who is essentially pure evil. The moments where the camera would pan slightly and catch Michael Myers behind a bush in the middle of the day were totally unnerving. Carpenter’s piano score only highlights the sense of dread and terror he created visually.




SCREAM (1996):

I put this right behind Halloween… because it is an entrant into the slasher film genre while also being a commentary on it.  The film plays on tropes, but the original has some excellent scares – particularly the opening and the scene in the bathroom at school. What I also love about this film is how it had me guessing who the killer was right up until the end. 





I don’t think there is anything scarier than humans stripped to the bone of societal norms.  And if those humans are kids?  That is the most base evil to me.





I am a George Romero fan and tend to like zombie movies, but in a fun sort of way. They were more like an indulgence. That was until I saw Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, complete with terrifying kinetic creatures driven by a rage virus.




THE FLY (1986):

Although the second version (both based on a short story), this David Cronenberg film is a masterpiece of practical effects that puts the first version to shame. Jeff Goldblum is at his best, which is saying a lot… and we go to the depths of hell with the obsessed scientist he plays. Seeing his penis in his medicine cabinet was an image that has stuck with me for 30 years. That was real terror.





Although the third film in the franchise, this one struck a chord with me that the first two never did. I was actually ready to write the series off – the first was barely watchable and the second was hard to get through.  I actually snuck into this film after a day-long theater hop of The Adventures of TinTin and Young Adult… only looking to give it ten minutes or so. But a new filmmaking team took the limitations of first person narrative and used them creatively. There are some inventive moments, like putting the camera on a rotating fan, that didn’t just feel fresh and keep the camera moving – they actually created good scares and amped up the tension. The story sucked me in and the characters were likeable (unlike most found footage films). I liked this movie so much that I went back and watched the previous two films.




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Hellter is a indie pro wrestler, horror movie actor, co owner of Gruemonkey.com, horror movie and wrestling lover.

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