Albania makes their first horror film called Bloodlands, check out trailer!!

Bloodlands is the very first horror film from Albania. Im hoping this film goes over well and we have many more horror films to come from Albania.

The film will be released on VOD platforms on January 30th on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox and Playstation. You can also pre-order it on Vimeo.

Starring: Gezim Rudi, Suela Bako, Emiljano Palali, and Alesia Xhemalaj. Written, produced, and directed by Steven Kastrissios.


A traditional family struggle to make their way in modern Albania. The parents are under financial stress while the teenage children wrestle with the traditional pathway set by their father. When a witch and her mysterious clan come to prey on the family, it leads to a violent confrontation that is all too familiar in the Balkans. A blood feud is declared and the family must unite to survive.






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