“Escape from Cannibal Farm” review



Most of the time, I will see how a flick is advertised and try to get an understanding for what it’s going to be like. But I’m learning through writing these reviews, that I’m frequently wrong.



I saw the posters, watched the trailer and read the tag lines to “Escape from Cannibal Farm” and to myself I was thinking “this’ll probably be some cheap ripoff” with one of the tag lines being “Even Leatherface runs at the sight of Hunt Hansen and his Chainsaw!” Come on, can you blame me for believing this movie is going to make me roll my eyes…

I was pleasantly surprised and
glad to be wrong!



Save for the marketing being based around the guy with the chainsaw and the pretty strange start. The chainsaw dude was really barely the killing machine in this vehicle. He was sort of a bitch and (Spoiler alert) pretty easy to kill.

I really dug “Cannibal Farm” it’s story was way more original than I had anticipated. There were some parts that I laughed out loud at. But they had a part where a guy grabs a fence knowing that it’s electrically charged and his hands blow off. (Pretty ridiculous/hilarious) But that didn’t stop the movie from being really a stand alone bad ass thing.

The overlap of stories were good and sometimes story points were a little too predictable. (Once again, still didn’t take away from how much I liked it) I really thought selling human meat to the wealthy should’ve been put in the ad campaign over a reference to a character from a horror franchise.

It almost wouldn’t be a review from me, if I didn’t mention potential. The potential for what could be, the film could’ve probably been made into a franchise, the potential for getting a big following. I do and I will recommend checking out this movie. It reminded me of “House of a 1000 Corpses” and some of the feeling of “Hostel” with a very slight “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” feel.

Check out “Cannibal Farm” also known as “Escape from Cannibal Farm” streaming now and let me know if you felt the same. I’ll bet you do.






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