After 3 years in the making, The Curse of All Hallow’s Eve is ready to move forward!!

After 3 years in the making, The Curse of All Hallow’s Eve is ready to move forward!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Curse of All Hallows’ Eve is a perfect mix of Gore and Torture scenes. If you like that kind of stuff. It’s not for everyone. Plus hot girls in the film is a big bonus. For a indie film, this movie looks very well made and not a typical cheesy indie film.

Directed by Guy Bodart and his daughter Lorelei Lanford. Starring: Sean Morelli, Vanessa Coleman, Jean Sulli, and Jaime Lynch.


Lorelei is already working on her next feature horror film called  “House of Terror”

So what is it that has stirred rumors of the latest cursed film that has taken over 3 years in production? Well there isn’t one fateful moment that brought attention to the Curse of All Hallows Eve but a series of mysterious and catastrophic incidents.

Alot of eerie shit happened to while filming this when they started 3 years ago. It can only be explained that something supernatural is behind this film. Here are some things that happened in the 3 years it took to film this:

  1. When filming initially started one of the first actors to be cast fell ill and had to leave the production.

     2.  Miss Marilyn Weinmann passed away between shooting dates.

     3.  Having shot the movie in Super 16mm rolls, these came out of the laboratory completely empty with only some streaks. The entire first section of the film had to be re-shot.



On All Hallows’ Eve 1457, A dark secret society of priests led by the Evil Countess Victoria (Vanessa Coleman) and Ambrus (Stephen Manley) are conducting diabolical ceremonies in which humans are being sacrificed to appease their God Samhain. On that same evening, the rebellious villagers invade the castle and put an end to the cult. But before Countess Victoria dies, she levies a curse on the villagers and their descendants. COUNTESS VICTORIA: Evil is within all of you..just waiting to be unleashed.. It is already a part of you Evil will grow only greater with time.. This day of All Hallows Eve shall be remembered and celebrated for centuries to come.. NOTHING can ever stop us as we live inside ALL of you


Rumor has it, that this film might get picked up by the SyFy channel.






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