Truth or Dare’s trailer is finally here starring Tyler Posey!!

Blumhouse’s latest horror film is Truth or Dare. Looking at the trailer this looks like it will be another hit and such a great film. I can’t wait to see it. Plus I love Tyler Posey, so that’s a huge plus.



 A group of friends get conned into playing a round of Truth or Dare with a stranger, who then reveals that the game they’re playing is very much a life-or-death situation. In a weird way, this arc has some parallels to It Follows (it’s kinda on the nose, actually). Anyway, this strange miasma follows these people and forces them to continuously play the game by its rules and with its deceptions. Should anyone not play accordingly, they’re met with a swift and vicious end.



Directed by Jeff Wadlow. Starring: Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey. It comes out the month of my birthday  April 27.


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