Celebrity Picks with Michael Maize!!

Celebrity Picks with Michael Maize!!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Celebrity Picks

I am happy to bring to all you Grue-Lings Michael Maize for Celebrity Picks. 

Michael is a very seasoned actor. Also an producer. He got his break back in 1998 as Psycho Black’s voice in Power Rangers In Space TV series. He has even been in very popular tv series Angel, Charmed, ER, CSI NY, Castle, Grimm, Blue Bloods, Mr. Robot, and Gotham. He has a very impressive resume and he is really good in Gotham tv series. I am happy that Michael Maize took time out of his schedule to tell Gruemonkey what his favorite horror films of all time are. Enjoy:




This film is visually stunning, gripping and terrifying.  I am a sucker for concept and design, and the Shining is one of the best conceptualized films I have ever seen.  From the minute the credits roll, I am at the edge of my seat spiraling down the rabbit hole of Jack and Wendy’s life as it slowly falls apart.





I love how this film starts off in such a natural, everyday way.  And then slowly, things begin to unravel in such a dark, realistic manner.  Horror films are most scary when the action of events are something that could actually happen to you, and this is definitely the case here.  I think the music and design are also amazing.





I was raised in the 80s. So many awesome horror films came out in this decade.  Among them are the great long-running sequels of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and of course, Halloween.  The first Halloween movie is the greatest of them all.  Michael Meyers is simple, yet terrifying.  And his mask resembles a clown-like ghost ready to tap into your greatest fears.  This combined with the famous musical theme make the film cause one to dart under the covers.





I feel Scream was the crossover of the great films of the 80s into the modern era of horror films.  It was directed with a very natural and hip style, much like the comedies or rom-coms of the time.  But, then out of nowhere it became a horror film making you scream in your seat.  And, yes, I actually did scream in the theater when I saw this.  I also thought Courtney Cox did a superb job with her supporting role.





Hellraiser is the other film that sticks out for me from the 80s.  Pinhead is one of the most terrifying villains of all time and definitely haunted my nightmares.  This film was true horror for horror sake.  A heavy metal dream to hell!





Cabin in the Woods is a true sign of how scary the future can be.  That future being one of big brother surveillance that controls our world in a haunting way.  As the labyrinth of the film unraveled, I was completely horrified.





I thought this film was brilliant.  I laughed and cackled yet cringed and covered my eyes.  What more could you want from a horror film?  I also felt it was brilliant how it took decades of horror films and made fun of them; while still holding on to its own original plot and style.





And finally, a rare Australian film from 1985.  There is always one film that completely petrifies you as a child.  One that stays in your nightmares and you never forget.  This is that film for me. The group of schoolmates were similar in age to me, so the horror felt very real.  The masks that the assailants wore were straight out of the horror of one’s unconscious.  




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