Asian horror film Headlines stars Sean Lee who wants a real eerie experience!!

Lead actor in Headlines Sean Lee has two horror films under his belt already and really wants to experience a real life eerie encounter. He is also a deejay at a Chinese Radio Station 988.

“People tell me that the cast and crew of horror movies are more likely to experience such eerie encounters. And, I keep hearing of their experiences,” said Lee.

Headlines is by actor-director James Wong Chee Keong. He wants to take this movie to other countries to, not only in China.

Starring: Wang Lei, Shaun Chen, Jordan Voon, Seck Fook Yee and Lim Mei Fen.

The movie is an anthology about 3 stories and Lee plays Yang Guang and is featured in the first and last stories.



In the first story, Lee plays an aggrieved youngster, who returns from abroad to investigate the death of his father, who is an elder craftsman in the business of sacrificial paper offerings.

The final story sees a grieving older Yang Guang, now a paper effigy craftsman, who resorts to extreme measures when he is unable to accept that he has lost his wife.



He is also recording for the radio station’s Chinese New Year songs for the upcoming Year Of The Dog.

He also hosts two weekly radio shows on 988: Remember The Time (Sundays, 7am-10am) and PS Friday (Fridays, 8pm-10pm).



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