Celebrity Picks: Cortland Woodard (The Barn)!!

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Gruemonkey’s pick of Celebrity Picks is the very talented bad ass Cortland Woodard.





Cortland started out his career as a model. He worked as a Underwear, Fitness, and Promotional model. He’s also a Public Speaker.





Mr. Woodard then tried his hand out in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He worked for XFC and has been doing MMA since 2012. He is a bad ass and beats people up real good in the octagon.




Cortland is also a actor. His big role that brought him fame was for the very successful horror film called The Barn made in 2016. He played the role of Chris. The Barn also features Scream Queen legend Linnea Quigley.  The Barn went over so well with the horror community that they made a Barn video game called The Barn-The Video Game, where Cortland does the voice of Chris in the game.  He also appeared in another horror film called The Poltergeist of Borley Forest where he played the role of Mr. Hendricks. Below is Cortland Woodard’s Favorite Horror Films of all time:







One word, “Freddy”. Freddy has to be one of my favorite horror villains of all time, simply for his over-the-top delivery of punch lines (it gets me every time). Not many films can legitimately haunt people like “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Though a few of the films in the series beat the same concept over the head, the effects by themselves are enough to keep one interested.





Hellraiser was my introduction to Clive Barker and I don’t feel anything will be able to replicate how I felt watching it as a kid. The effects were awesome, and the Cenobites scared the crap out of me. The series just has its own “aura” in my mind and it is a film that stands on its own in many instances.




THE WITCH (2015):

There are quite a few independent films that I love, and many more that I hate for that matter, but the Witch is far and away one of my first picks. Not only does it nail the eerie feeling perfectly, but the addition of pious guilt and early frontier seclusion very much contribute to the film.





I found it to be a fresh take on what I considered to be a tired concept, especially in the realm of zombie films. While nothing fantastic, I appreciate a film that can offer a different perspective.





Antagonist build up in spades, they did an excellent job of laying out the film alongside the delivery of the Babadook. The directing does a good job of making the mother’s mental state appear frayed and the issues with her son seem to dance along the line of a mental break. It’s very easy to have a great idea on paper, but without delivery it will amount to nothing, and the thoughtfulness of the delivery was something I appreciated.





Creature effects without a doubt. The fact that an independent film was able to create monsters at the level was nothing short of fantastic. Creature effects will always win me over, I hate CGI monsters and this film definitely had me looking for more.





Familiarity would be the main reason I love these films, I can’t help it. As a kid, I was terrified of the idea of the face grabbers, everything about the idea of being grabbed by one still makes me feel uneasy. The newer films have my seal of approval as well, they have done a good job of developing a backstory that is worthwhile of being alongside the creatures.





Favorite foreign horror by far, they did a great job of making you think in this film. Some people may hate on having to read subtitles, but I feel it added to the film more than anything, as this film doubles as a psychological thriller.





I held off watching this one for a while, I just couldn’t bring myself to be interested to watch it for some reason. However, after finally caving and watching it, I realized I let my psychological inertia get the better of me. They do a great job of mixing horror into comedy in this one, though I feel the ending was a bit flat (I was still laughing regardless).





It’s difficult to think of a last movie, when there are so many great horrors, but the Void has more than a few reasons to sit in my mind: it’s fairly underrated, good effects, a back story, cool creatures, and happens to make you think when you turn it off. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it wraps up in such a way as to cause you to crave more, whether in the form of research, a prequel, or a sequel that is up to the watcher. Some people may say that this could be a negative attribute, but I personally enjoy a functional film that keeps me engaged after the credits.





Cortland Woodard says this about his list:

I made this list while trying to avoid obvious picks, I understand that there are fantastic films that I failed to mention, but my intention was to shed some light on a few of my likes. Don’t forget to get a copy of my latest feature, “The Barn” and enjoy a slasher with an 80’s feel, best wishes and thanks for your time.


















































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