Stay out of the woods in Desolation!!

Stay out of the woods in Desolation!!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Director Sam Patton is taking us into the woods, for another horror film based in the woods. I love good camping horror films. DESOLATION. It will be coming to us in December from IFC Midnight.



After the death of her husband, Abby (Jaimi Page), her son, Sam (Toby Nichols) and best friend, Jen (Alyshia Ochse), venture into the forests of upstate NY on a camping trip, only to find themselves in danger from a mysterious hiker (Claude Duhamel) with malicious intentions.  As the trio attempts to navigate the vast wilderness in search of safety, they find themselves the hunted prey in a deranged killer’s terrifying game and the only way to survive is to kill – or be killed.



Directed by Sam Patton. Starring: Jaimi Page, Toby Nichols, and Claude Duhamel.

It comes to theaters, VOD, and digital platforms December 15th.





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