Nick Carter to make a Slasher film??

Nick Carter to make a Slasher film??

Monday, 13 November 2017

Nick Carter is becoming quite a star in the horror world. He battled a Headless Horseman in The Hollow and made his own horror film called DEAD 7 which he wrote and starred in.

During a guest appearance at the Walker Stalker convention in Atlanta last month Nick Carter hinted at doing a slasher film.

Carter has been watching a lot of Friday the 13th films and said at the convention:

Jason Voorhees is above all. Sorry, Freddy. No disrepect.”


Carter said this about his slasher in mind:

(It’s) ironic, that I’m that blonde boy from the Backstreet Boys, in a boy band, that I have a very dark side to me and I cannot get away from horror. I’ve always wanted to do a slasher movie … and you come to these events, and when you see The Walking Dead or these things, it’s all character-driven. It’s about finding a character that people will remember in the time to come, and so right now I’ve got a really cool concept and a cool story. Now I’m going to start to draw the characters out, and I’m going to start to prepare. It’s going to be multiple characters in a movie (with) a little bit of comedy and a lot of horror.”


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