Celebrity Picks: Ryan Bellgardt (director of Gremlin)!!

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This week’s Celebrity Picks is a brilliant director and producer by the name of Ryan Bellgardt. Ryan is known for great horror flicks such as Army of Frankensteins, Gremlin, and The Jurassic Games. Gremlin is his newest horror film that is currently out and it’s a really great horror film. Here is Ryan Bellgardt’s Favorite Horror Films:








When the alien pops around the dresser in the bedroom. It took me years to get over that. I’m still not over it. 





 It’s shot so beautifully and it’s so well done. I watch it overtime it comes on TV.





There’s so much tension and teasing. I was 10 years old the first time I watched it, I was so scared. I kept imagining what the alien was in my mind and when I finally saw it, it was terrifying.





 I liked the American remake too, but the thing that got me was the fact that the ghost could follow you home. I checked under my sheets for weeks. 




HOUSE (1985):

My first horror movie to ever see. It was cheesy and gross, but I loved it. I used to tell my brother there was a dead hand crawling under his bed. I can thank “House” for that. 





 The first time I watched it, I turned it off 5 minutes in. Not because it was bad, because I was too scared. It looked too real to me. 





I love ghost stories and this movie defines the 80s for me. The tree, the clown, the TV. So many iconic horror themes and images. I love it. 





Creepy film with a shocking ending!





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