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Rydel Lynch is the only female in the group R5 and the band features her real brothers who are:  Ross (Austin and Ally, My Friend Dahmer), Riker, and Rocky Lynch. And her boyfriend, Ellington Ratliff.

She made her acting debut in Sunday School Musical as a Crossroads Choir Member. She appeared in School Gyrls as a cheerleader along with her brother Riker Lynch. She appeared in A Day as Holly’s Kids as Holly’s Actual Kid 2. She appeared in the pilot episode of the television series Bunheads as a Vegas Showgirl. She also appeared in an episode of Violetta in 2015 and performed “Heart Made Up on You” with R5.




In 2009, R5 was formed with Rydel, her brothers Riker, Rocky and Ross Lynch, and family friend Ellington Ratliff with her younger brother Ryland Lynch as their manager. In April 2012, R5 signed a deal with Hollywood Records.  In early 2013, R5 released a four-song EP entitled Loud.

Their first studio album, Louder was released on September 24, 2013.  Rydel was featured as the lead vocalist in the songs “Never” from R5’s debut EP Ready Set Rock and “Love Me Like That” which was featured on Louder. R5 went on their fifth tour titled Louder Tour with Rydel regularly performing “Love Me Like That” and covers of songs such as a duet of “Sleeping with a Friend” by Neon Trees with her bandmate and boyfriend Ellington Ratliff. On July 22, 2014, R5 released their new EP called Heart Made Up on You.




Rydel also has a song that is on R5’s second studio album, Sometime Last Night, called “Lightning Strikes”, which she performed regularly on the “Sometime Last Night” tour. She and the rest of the band also appeared as Ross Lynch’s band for the music video of the song “Heard It on the Radio”. She also made an appearance in Taylor Mathews’s “Head Over Feeling” video, and was featured in the R5 movie “All Day, All Night” which was released on April 16, 2015.

R5 is still currenty on tour and has out a new EP called New Addictions.  Also, Hurts Good is out now!!!






HELLTER: R5 has a new EP out called New Addictions. What is your favorite song on the EP and why,  and what is your favorite song to perform live?

RYDEL: My favorite song on the EP is Lay Your Head Down. That’s Rocky’s song on the EP and the first time I heard I was freaking out. I just love it. My favorite song to perform live is SMILE, that was on our last album. Our fans sing along the entire show and just when you don’t know if they can get any louder we play smile and they just belt it. It’s an amazing moment every night.





HELLTER: Very good choices.  When did you realize that Ellington Ratliff was the one you wanted to be with and is it weird for your brothers at all to be in a band with your boyfriend?

RYDEL: Right when I met him when we were both 14 years old I was pretty much smitten. He had a girlfriend so I just settled on being his best friend. We have always had such great chemistry and got a long so well, it was bound to turn into something more. We’ve known him for 6 years before we started dating so he was pretty much already part of the family. 





HELLTER: Love at first sight is a great way to fall for each other. Good luck.  How does it feel being the only female in R5 and is do you ever chase any girls away when they throw themselves at your brothers?

RYDEL: I love being the only girl. Its what I know and what I’m used to. I’m definitely particular about who my brothers date and I’m not good at keeping my opinions to myself (laughs). I tell the boys exactly what’s on my mind.





HELLTER: It’s a good thing that you voice your opinion.  Do you like horror films and if so what are some of your favorite horror films and why?

RYDEL: I never used to be a big scary movie person but they keep growing on me. We just saw the new “IT” and I loved it! Have to watch the original now. I don’t know if these are necessarily considered horror but I love Disturbia and Cabin in the Woods.





HELLTER: Those are considered horror films and very good choices. I like them to.  Have you seen your brother Ross Lynch’s film My Friend Dahmer yet and if you did, what was your reaction about the film?

RYDEL: Yes, it was incredible. I’m excited for the release in Nov, it’s already being so well received. 





HELLTER: I really can’t wait to see My Friend Dahmer. Ross looks amazing in it.  Was it freaky seeing how much Ross resemble serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and how well he played the role of Dahmer in the film?

RYDEL: Yeah when pictures were first going around with the two side by side it was pretty wild. I think Ross did a fantastic job. 





HELLTER: That’s great!!!  Were you a fan at all of the Austin and Ally tv series and are you happy with the huge success that tv show brought to your brother Ross?

RYDEL: I think Austin and Ally is hilarious! Ellington and I keep joking that we are gonna binge watch it all again from the top. The whole cast is amazing.





HELLTER: I love Austin and Ally to. So funny.  While on tour with R5, what do you do for fun when your not rehearsing and performing?

RYDEL: I’m a HUGE foodie, so I mostly just look for the best place to eat and splurge. We try to get out and explore the city we’re in. Netflix is also my best friend. 





HELLTER: Food and Netflix sounds like a perfect night to me.  Would you ever consider starring in a horror film?

RYDEL: Why not! I think it’d be really fun and interesting. Probably wouldn’t have to do much acting cause I’d actually be terrified. 




HELLTER: (laughs).  Anything else you want to discuss or promote?

RYDEL: My 1 year on youtube is this thursday which is pretty exciting! Cant believe its already been a year, went by fast! The fans have been so amazing and supportive, so thanks for watching all my videos! 





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HURTS GOOD is out now
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