George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead coming back to theaters for limited release!!

Yo Grue-Lings Listen Up,


George A. Romero’s  masterpiece Dawn of the Dead is coming back to the big screen for limited showing, so get your ass to the movies!!

Romero became a house hold name when he released Night of the Living Dead, but it was with Dawn of the Dead that Romero made zombies popular.

Dawn of the Dead  is still just as popular 40 years later. Hell, it’s so much better then these crappy zombie films now. Sorry people, but Walking Dead is so over rate, Dawn is a true classic


A quartet of characters escape the collapse of civilization and hole up in a mall, where they temporarily find peace. But when the outside world comes knocking on the mall’s glass doors all hell breaks loose in a bloody, gutsy climax.


Tom Savini’s did the gory make-up effects, Romero made Dawn a terrific horror film.

A portion of proceeds from each ticket sold will go to local non-profits.


Ashburn, VA | August 29th
Austin, TX (Lakeline) | August 25th and 26th
Austin, TX (Ritz) | August 25th and 26th
Brooklyn, NY | August 21st
Chandler, AZ | August 24th
Charlottesville, VA | August 29th
Dallas (Cedars) | August 21st
Dallas (Richardson) | August 23rd
Denver (Littleton) | August 29th
El Paso, TX | August 19th
Houston, TX | September 10th
Kansas City, MO | August 19th
Lubbock, TX | August 25th
Omaha, NE | August 29th 
San Francisco, CA | August 21st
Springfield, MO | August 23rd


Click here for tickets and showings!!



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