Mikey Rukus joins Body Farm!!

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Mikey Rukus  Body Farm, horror thriller film completed principal photography in June 2017 and is moving through post-production.

“Mikey brings experience, diversity, and a heck of a lot of ideas to the film. His voice will definitely be heard and motivating in the final cut,” said co-director Nicholas LaMantia.

Mikey Rukus is the lead singer of a band No One Hero and will be involved in Body Farm as the go-to composer for custom music in the mixed martial arts world including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Fansided.com named his music for Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher as one of the greatest MMA walkout songs of all time.

His work currently airs on NBC Sports, the WBC in Mexico City, and
Revolution Pro Wrestling in the UK.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of the Body Farm team. After viewing the rough cuts, it is apparent that Brandon, Nicholas, and [the] team have poured their heart and soul into this project, and I can’t wait to dig in, help tell their story, and hit the
audience triggers of fear, panic, and adrenaline,” . says Rukus

Starring:  Brandon Keenan, Nicholas LaMantia (Everyone Must Die!, ), Tom Mirth (The Otherside), and John Iwanonkiw

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