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Today’s Celebrity Picks is the very talented Mitchell Musolino. Who was the star of my favorite horror film in the last couple years, The Barn

Mitchell was born in Washington, PA  and he never lived in one place for very long. He learned how to cope with “life on the road. When he was six,  he and his mom had already moved eight times; it was then that he developed a passion for acting. Having moved so often, he was never able to make friends very easily, and had to resort to watching movies for entertainment, but luckily drew acting inspiration from these. His mother was unsure of how to go about starting him into the acting industry, so it wasn’t talked about much. Finally, when Mitchell entered his junior year in high school, he attended Chartiers-Houston High School in Houston, Pennsylvania, where met his English teacher, Kim Carnahan, (whom he refers to as “Mom”), who taught him everything about Shakespeare and his many plays and use of language. Macbeth was Mitchell’s favorite, so for a class project, he performed a sword fighting skit with his buddy. During this skit, he rekindled his passion for the arts. After high school, he began working full time to help his mother with the bills. Always devoting his time to his work rather than his acting, he seemed to be falling further away from his dreams, until one day he was noticed by a modeling and talent agency that took him in, where he was able to train with his current instructor Gwendolyn Kiste. In 2013, Mitchell was cast as the lead character in the Halloween horror film The Barn (2015) directed by Justin Seaman, who has become a very close friend to Mitchell. The Barn is by far, one of the greatest horror films that was made in the last couple years. I love this film. Mitchell did an amazing job as did the rest of the cast and the couple legends they had in the movie. Here is Mitchell Musolino’s Top 8 Favorite Horror Films:







David Arquette is my boy!  I thought this was a great movie.  One of those types that made you a little hesitant to watch a scary movie on your own when it’s dark.  Creepy as hell, but I loved it.





This one was just fucked up, honestly.  But I still had fun watching it.  Another one of Wes Craven’s sick minded flicks, and I’m pretty sure it was stuff like this that made parents scared for their kids.  I guess they never repeated to themselves, it’s only a movie… (laughs)





 I just loved the kills in this one a lot.  Especially when the woman gets her face crushed on the Winnebago.  It was a lot easier to watch, and I really enjoyed it.  Had a more bold tone in my opinion than most of the other Friday the 13th movies.





Wes Craven’s baby!  This one was so unique to me, the fact that if people would get murdered in their dreams, it happened in real life.  I hated that thought!  But, I feel like in scary movies, the ones that play with something that you love, and make you fear it a little bit is the ones that really stick with you.  This one did just that.  I love sleep, and it made me not want to sleep.





Big fan of Patrick Wilson, he’s also a Pittsburgh guy!  This movie made me jump so many times, it was just a really fun watch, and the fact that it was based on a true story in the 70’s made it hard for me to sleep!  Great camera work, great lighting, great acting, and so damn fun.





I love Lauren Cohan, I’m an avid Walking Dead watcher, and the fact the movie is basically a total mind fuck is even better!  Saw it twice in theaters.  Couldn’t get enough of it!





I’m a big fan of Stephen Lang, so when I found out he was a part of this I wanted to see it.  I took my mom with me to check it out, and we both loved it!  The twists, and edge of seat moments were just throughout the entire movie.  I can’t say enough good things about this one.  I bought it on Blu-ray the day is released!





The first time I saw this movie, I was 3 years old, and it scared me to death!  I didn’t watch horror films for a long time after that, but since I’ve matured, I’ve revisited the movie.  I fucking love it.  Especially because of the effect it had on me as a kid.





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