Go back in time to the 1970’s and see Alice Cooper Welcome us to his Nightmare, new DVD coming!!

Go back in time to the 1970’s and see Alice Cooper Welcome us to his Nightmare, new DVD coming!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Yo Grue-Lings Listen Up,

As you all have probably seen from my articles. I love Alice Cooper.  Alice Cooper is the rock god who started all that shock rock that you see Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and all the new metal bands do.  Alice puts on such an amazing live performance and stage show, you can’t get enough of it just once.  So I’m happy to report to you his new  dvd.

Alice Cooper already is started off with a bang, with a new album about to hit  and tour of the U.K. featuring the surviving members of his original band. Now on top of that, a dvd will be out of two of his television specials from the mid-’70s,   for the first time ever!

Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare Special Edition DVD will be released on Sept. 8, 2017 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. It features the 1975 TV special Alice Cooper: The Nightmare, which will be on DVD for the first time, along with the 1976 Welcome to My Nightmare concert film. The track listing for both are below, along with the DVD artwork.

Aired on ABC in the United States, Alice Cooper: The Nightmare showcases every song from the legendary Welcome to My Nightmare album, which had just been released at the time. With Cooper taking on the role of Steven and actor / horror icon Vincent Price serving as “The Spirit of the Nightmare.”




Welcome to My Nightmare was a stage show that nobody in the 70’s have ever seen before mixing a perfect blend of horror and rock hits. Re-live classics songs like “School’s Out,” “Only Women Bleed,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” “Welcome to My Nightmare,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “I’m Eighteen” and “Department of Youth” along with giant spiders, skeletons, a cyclops and the voice of Price.

The combination of the Welcome to My Nightmare concert film and Alice Cooper: The Nightmare TV still can frighten and thrill audiences to this day.

Cooper has recently revealed he has no plans of retiring, and is writing a new Hollywood Vampires album. He also has a new solo album out July 28Paranormal features two tracks with the surviving members of his original band — bassist Dennis Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith. The three of them and Alice are reuniting the old band for special UK tour in November.




Welcome to My Nightmare Concert Film Track Listing:

1) The Awakening
2) Welcome to My Nightmare
3) Years Ago
4) No More Mr. Nice Guy
5) I’m Eighteen
6) Some Folks
7) Cold Ethyl
8) Only Women Bleed
9) Billion Dollar Babies
10) Devil’s Food
11) The Black Widow
12) Steven
13) Escape
14) School’s Out
15) Department of Youth

Alice Cooper: The Nightmare Tracklisting

1) Welcome to My Nightmare
2) Devil’s Food
3) Some Folks
4) Only Women Bleed
5) Cold Ethyl
6) The Black Widow
7) Years Ago
8) Department of Youth
9) Years Ago (Reprise)
10) Steven
11) The Awakening
12) Ballad of Dwight Fry
13) Escape
14) The Awakening (Reprise)




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