Celebrity Picks: David Black (From Australian rock band Darkness Visible)

Celebrity Picks: David Black (From Australian rock band Darkness Visible)

Monday, 10 July 2017
Celebrity Picks

Yo Grue-Lings Listen Up,

Celebrity Picks today goes down under. To Australia. We have a very talented rock star named David Black who is in the band Darkness Visible. They are a theatrical horror rock band, and they put out a music video 9th that  is waaaaay over the top!

The music video, Breaking Point, will possibly be the worst taste music video to ever be released.  Band member and co-director, David Black, described it as being “Benny Hill meets Troma”. The video itself stars some of the best talent from Melbourne’s Indie movie industry, as well leading burlesque and carny performers….. and a few personalities from the fetish scene that sort of defy description.

“After 8 music videos, I decided that now was the time to pull out all the stops.  This time it was no holds barred and take no prisoners!” said Mr Black.  “It’s a medical fetish Ozploitation video that has clowns with chainsaws, jelly wrestling in vomit, giant syringes being shoved up bums, dwarves with dildos, boobs, gimps and streaming pus! What more could a person want in a music video?”





David Black is a big horror fan as you see in his music video’s and he wanted to tell Gruemonkey what his favorite horror films are. Celebrity Picks with David Black:



DRACULA (1931):

When I was a kid, all the tv stations used to shut down between 10:30 – 11:00 each night.  The one exception was Friday 13th, when one of the channels showed horror movies all night.  Dracula was often the first one shown and as the night drew on, they would move to the Hammer House movies.  Film by film, they got scarier.

Dracula scared the crap out of me at 7 years old.  As an adult, I simply marvel at Bela Lugosi’s delivery of lines.





As I got older and was able to stay awake longer, I managed to see the Hammer House movies on Friday 13th.  They always showed different ones, but this one is the main one I remember.  There was an aura of mystery surrounding Carmilla Carnstein/ Mircalla Carnstein.  Also, I was just starting to notice things like cleavage.  This movie made such an impact that I named my main female character in my “Obsessions of a Shattered Psyche” series of stories, “Mircala”.





This one is an Ozploitation movie involving the worst send ups of Australian ockerism, as Barry McKenzie fights vampires to save his aunty, Dame Edna Everage.  Infact, the Australian Prime Minister of the day is in this movie and it is he that pronounces Edna Everage a Dame.  I was probably too young to be allowed into the cinema to see this, but back then, it wasn’t uncommon for cinemas to let underage kids in to see M movies.  It wasn’t really that scary a movie as it is more of a comedy, but it has been one of my favorites since I saw it.




MOTHER’S DAY (1980):

I saw this one at the movies also.  It was one of the first gory horror movies that I can recall.  My brother took me to this one, so I just rocked up to the cinema with him, having no idea what was in store.  I loved the crazy characters in this.  After this movie, I always sought out films like Mad Max and The Warriors.  I think it was the Punk character that they had in this that clicked that off for me.




SUSPIRIA (1977):

Believe it or not, I saw this as part of Film and TV appreciation at high school.  It was on at a cinema in the city in 1981 and the class went and saw a Dario Argento movie.  In those days, this was seen as a gore movie, rather than the European Arthouse movie that it appears to be today.  The few gory scenes that were in this almost had me hiding under the chair.  What stood out most for me though was the colors and how everything was painted, such as wall murals.





I actually took a date to see this one.  She was a nice, innocent girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.  There were some strange sexual ideas in this and sexy moments.  But ….. if I thought that I was going to get to kiss and cuddle at this one, well ….  When that body suddenly falls in front of a door, hanging by its neck, she jumped out of her seat.  Both arms slapping either side of her.  One hit the arm rest on the opposite side to her and the other got me right in the balls.  I don’t take girls to horror movies anymore.





Now that I think about it, I went to the cinema to see this with 4 girls.  We were all punks and these girls just loved horror movies.  What got me with this one is how they would distort reality to make you feel uncomfortable.  Whether is was a wall, that should have been solid, suddenly warping as a hand scrapes down the other side of the wall, or a bathtub that should only be a foot deep suddenly being 20+ feet deep as someone is dragged under.





This was one of the video nasties I saw soon after getting my first vcr, rather than having to use the one at my parents.  This clicked off my love of Troma movies.  There wasn’t internet back then to research movies, so I just spent days and nights, wandering around every video store I could to see if I could find more movies like it.  I always had a love of schlock humour and now I could see that someone was releasing shlock movies.  I would say that Toxic Avenger would have been the fourth Troma movie that I saw, but Street Trash was the first and still my favorite of the lot.




David Black has a new show, Horror House, that has just been picked up by Foxtel Aurora in Australia!! For info on Horror House click here


David Black’s social media:

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