Hellter interviews Adam Huss, producer/actor of LGBT Horror Let It Kill You!!

Hello my Grue-Lings,
    Today we have a special guest, Adam Huss. After graduating with a BA in Drama from Binghamton University in NY, studying under Julliard professor Gene Lesser, Adam Huss moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career doing what he loves most, acting in film and television. Before landing the dynamic role of Joshua Kantos on the Starz show “Power” which ironically brought him back to his place of origin, NY, Adam guest starred on shows such as NBC’s Ironside, CSI: NY, NCIS, NCIS: LA, to name a few.
He also can be seen in the independent films Waiting in the Wings the Musical, Misirlou, Is it Just Me?, Resurrection County, and Wannabe. He also associate produced and was the star of the feature film Find Me, which debuted at the Hollywood Film Festival. He was in numerous horror films and has acting and producing a new LGBT horror film called Let It Kill You!!



Hellter: Thank you Adam for joining us today on
Adam: Thank you very much!


Hellter: You starred in alot of tv series, your first transaction in your first horror film was a mexican horror film called Wrestlemaniac. I’m a huge fan of wrestling and horror. Did you follow wrestling at all up until the time you filmed that and if so who were some of your favorites to watch? 
Adam: As for horror movies, yes I love them and I was so excited to get my start in indie horrors like WRESTLEMANIAC, which was originally title EL MASCARADO MASSACRE!
That film was supposed to be filmed in an INSANE ASYLUM but we lost the location last minute so they found that little Mexican village up in Santa Clarita and it played perfectly!
I only ever watched WWF with my little brother Matt who was a huge fan at the time! I loved the old school wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior!
We had all the figures and the wrestling ring… well he did, and I played with him.




Hellter: Oh wow, creepy. Was the town really abandoned, like a Ghost Town? Old school wrestlers are the best. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, etc.
Adam: The town was actually a set up on Veluzat Ranch. But the coolest part about it was it also had locations from FRIDAY THE 13th films! Like the cabin and the barn from part four or five I believe? Which Friday the 13th had the barn where he was hung up? Oh yeah, it was PART 3! They had the barn. 

And, yep exactly! They were, old school wrestlers are the best! I even got to do a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade with Hulk Hogan as the King of Baccus! It was pretty cool. 

Hellter: Wow, that’s awesome. I love the Friday the 13th films and so cool you hung out with Hulk Hogan. I’m jealous (laughs). In WrestleManiac, how was it like working with the mexican wrestling legend Rey Mysterio Sr and did you enjoy filming your first horror film?
Adam: He was the nicest guy! His son came to set and he told me that I was his dad’s favorite, because my character was so out there… that made my day!




Hellter: Rey Mysterio Jr., the former WWE star visited the set?
Adam: Yeah he was also a very cool guy.  That whole movie was such a great experience. We got to have so much fun making up our characters and just playing until the wee hours of the morning. Jesse Baget directed and he was great, as was working with Margaret Scarborough who has become a great friend.

Hellter: Sounds like it was a fun set to be on. What was your favorite kill and favorite scene in WrestleManiac?
Adam: My favorite kill had to be mine! (laughs).  Just because I got to experience it! It was a freezing cold night and I got to stumble around in this cemetery outside that old spanish style church! My character thinks hiding behind a tombstone will save him, (laughs), and then of course he gets his face ripped off! I thought that was such an awesome way to fake die! And I thought it was genius of Jesse Baget to think of that. Just the way wrestlers would rip off the opponent’s mask to win, he had the killer ripping off faces! AMAZING!




Hellter: I remember that scene. That was brutal and bloody. Rey Mysterio was huge to. So that made the scene even more creepy! 
Adam: (laughs)! Awesome!

Hellter: Who was your character in Sugar Creek and what was the horror thriller film about?
Adam: I played Laurence…. it was a civil war thriller with a lot of biblical undertones. I met James Cotten a few years before doing a short film and we became friends. I did a lot of indies with him in Arkansas. He was cutting his teeth as was I. So it was great place to learn. I did a lot of indie horror with him. The Roger Corman produced Demon Slayer. Sugar Creek. Resurrection County. And one that shall remain nameless.
But Sugar Creek was about this soldier who was looking for redemption and this headless sort of horseman (more horseman of the apocalypse then sleepy hollow ) was hunting him for his sins. 
My character sort of represented the devil who was tempting him to do some brutal things during war times. And the horseman was coming to collect! That movie had some amazing visuals and ideas…
James built that whole town from scratch…. when I went to Arkansas and saw what he had built I was blown away! That guy is one to watch… he’s going places… he also did The Line with Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta…and now has an awesome western doing the festival circuit called The Painted Woman.




Hellter: I was always fasinated with the story of the Horseman. He’s just very scary and there is no way to kill someone like that from biblical times (laughs). 
Adam: Yeah exactly… I loved how he dragged people through town in these wooden coffins and then just left them there to run for their lives while he hunted them! I mean, that is an amazing concept!

Hellter: It really is. Love how it played out in the film as well. Earlier you mentioned Resurrection County. What would you do if you went camping and got stranded in Resurrection County and a group of crazy rednecks were trying to kill you and your friends? How would you survive?
Adam: (laughs)! Oh man! I felt like I did live that one out ! We shot that in Arkansas as well! With my talented friend Kathryn Michelle playing my love interest! That was harrowing! Watching her getting that arrow through her eye! I wanted to kill Jason, who played the redneck who killed her, and it was only pretend! But he was so committed, and I really felt like I would fight to the death for her! And any of my friends. I remember it was below 20 degrees the night of the scene where I bashed his head in with a brick, and we shot that for HOURS! I was drenched with sweat I was so into it. I thought I was going to get pneumonia I swear! My adrenaline was pumping! And I could tell you that I would be the same way if it was truly happening. The thought of it scared the crap out of me, but I would fight to the end to protect my loved ones. I wouldn’t run! 
And I would probably end up strapped to a saw horse, like in the movie! (laughs). Hope I never have to find out! 

Hellter: Damn, that sounds intense. Well, I hope you never have to really experience that either. That would be horrible.
Adam: Uhh… hell yeah it would. (laughs).





Hellter: (laughs). A horror film that I really enjoyed is The Cemetary. It has everything from possessions, demons, gore, hauntings, evil priests, etc. It’s an amazing supernatural slasher film. With a movie like that, did any scenes freak you out or leave a lasting impression on you that makes it hard for you to sleep at night after filming that?
Adam: (laughs)! Yes! Filming in the woods in Pennsylvania was a freak out in itself!





Hellter: I bet. I went camping in the woods of PA not to long ago, (laughs). 
Adam: When you are doing this indie films, you have no idea what you’re stepping into. There are no fancy hotels or honey wagons… usually it’s bare bones and you’re all in one cabin or something. And this was by far the lowest budgeted film I had done I would say. And while everyone was great to work with, there was an uneasy feeling to the whole thing.
And I think the subject matter was disturbing so doing that out in the woods in the middle of the night you wonder what might actually be out there. Plus we had a gun pulled on us because I think we were filing on someone’s property.. So yeah, freaky.




Hellter: Holy shit. Are you serious? So you almost really got shot while filming this?
Adam: Well I don’t know if he was going to shoot us, but you never know.  Never had a gun pulled on me before. Wasn’t fun. 





Hellter: I bet. I never want to experience that. 
Adam: No you don’t.





Hellter: Do you think things like that still exist to this day with Priests covering up sins that they have done including murder and demons? Do you believe in demons and how would you react if you ever came face to face with one?
Adam: Oh man I’m not going there ! (laughs).  I do believe in darkness and evil entities that we can let in if we are susceptible to them. 
Twin Peaks, one of my favorite shows, plays with that concept… with Laura Palmer fighting off the evil entity of Bob… who jumps into people because they are more vulnerable or around something that opens them up to being possessed or what have you.




Hellter: Im a catholic boy. You won’t offend me, (laughs). But i read alot on the occult world and demons and possessions and i know that stuff is real. Like if you mess with Ouija board. Sometimes those things really work because you invite them in your life.
Adam: Yeah I stay away from Ouija boards.





Hellter: I never saw Twin Peaks yet, but it’s on my list of things to watch. And yeah, I messed with that a couple times. I should have learned my lesson after the first time, (laughs).  You play Hector in Crazy Bitches/Get Crazier. It’s still in pre-production now. Can you tell us what this horror film is about and who you play in it?
Adam: I can’t speak too much about the project because it is a secret. I was approached by the director to be in the sequel but her first film is available and out there now. Crazy Bitches, naturally. 





Hellter: Yeah. I saw that. It really was Crazy!! (laughs). I know you can’t talk much about the sequel, but isn’t it supposed to be set around Christmas time?
Adam: No Idea. 




Hellter: (laughs). A movie that I can’t wait to see and I hope happens, with the help of all you great horror fans to donate. Let it Kill You. It’s a werewolf horror film with a gay love story in it. I’m really happy that you are making this film because there aren’t alot of Gay or Gay themed horror films out there. It seems like alot of producers and actors are scared to bring a gay love story in a horror film. All horror films have boy and girl relationships but never boy on boy. How do you feel about how boy on boy relationships in horror films never get a fair play?
Adam: Thank you for saying this.  I wrote this film with my writing partner Adam Bucci , and he and I both love the horror genre… and we believe it really has the power to reach people on different levels, because everyone loves horror! And if you look at the latest slew of horror films that people are talking about and making money, they are all elevated genre films that are saying something. Get Out was a comment on racial tensions in America.
It Follows was a comment on STDs and teen promiscuity…
So with the fight for equality and acceptance more under attack than it has ever been, especially in the recent political climate, we thought NOW was the time for a movie where the two leads were a same sex couple.
We thought by telling that kind of love story within a genre where we rarely see it, as you said, that would be a great way to reach a wider audience that would maybe not seek out an LGBTQ film in the first place. We thought that could help open people’s minds and hearts, as they are rooting for this couple to survive.





Hellter: I agree. It’s a good way for young teenage gay men and women to not be scared to be who they are, when they see this in tv and films.
Adam: We also loved the idea of the metaphor of a werewolf and being a monster juxtaposed with being and feeling different and an outcast in society. 




Hellter: Do you hope that after you make Let it Kill You, that it will open the doors for alot more Gay Horror films to come out?
Adam: In bigger cities, being LGBTQ is accepted, but in my opinion, those cities do not represent the majority. And people in these small towns are harassed and scared every day to be who they really are. If even one person saw our film and felt like he wasn’t alone, then it will have been worth it. If even one person sees this film, and sees themselves as the problem, of not accepting someone just because of who they choose to love, then again, it will have been worth it.
In the end, we want people to be asking themselves, who was the real monster in that movie…





Hellter: Very true. I know you been talking about what Let it Kill You represents and what it means to you. Can you Describe what Let it Kill You is about, the main story of the film?
Adam: Yes I can!! As we’ve been discussing, Let it Kill You is a same sex love story within the horror genre, based on the werewolf myth. LET IT KILL YOU is a werewolf film set in a small, upstate New York town where 20-something artist Rafe obsessively tries to capture images of cryptids �[An animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as Bigfoot, a werewolf, etc.] on his trail cameras, after coming face-to-face with one 5 years earlier in a horrific car accident. When Rafe’s best friend is savagely murdered, his uneventful life is thrown into chaos, especially given the mysterious arrival of a handsome drifter, Aidan. While Rafe searches for answers to who or what killed his friend, he forms a unique bond with Aidan, who believes, unlike the rest of the town, that Rafe might be on to something with his uncompromising desire to capture a murderous beast. As the full moon approaches and as more locals are brutally slaughtered by an unknown force, Rafe must confront the real killer – something that will threaten both his ability to love and, perhaps his life. It is our hope that we can reach a wider audience with a message of acceptance and inclusion. And to show that in the end, love is what matters, love is what touches peoples minds and hearts… and perhaps changes the world.




Hellter: How was it to co star in a movie with a hottie like Adam Bucci?
Adam: Adam Bucci is amazing… and while we have only shot concept trailers so far for the film, working with him is awesome and easy. We have been producing these short concept trailers as well, so are wearing many different hats… and we really balance each other out well.. whenever I am putting out one fire, he is taking care of the other… and then we come together and get to act in our scenes! You can see one of our concept trailers at
But we also need people’s help to get a film like this made because SADLY people don’t want to make a mainstream film, especially horror, with a same sex couple as the leads. We have to show bigger studios that they are wrong. And that when the story is told in the right way, and being in love with someone of the same sex is just another part of the film, and not what it is ALL about, people will come and watch the film and enjoy themselves and tell their friends to go see a kick ass horror film, regardless of the same sex love story. Our biggest supporters and fans of the concept trailers have been mainly heterosexual men and women, because they simply love the concept of the film and the story.





Hellter: Awesome. It looks like you two have great chemistry with each other!   I will get all my supporters of gruemonkey to help donate to your film. I want this film made.
Adam: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. 





Hellter: For a fan going to see this movie. Gay or straight fan, what impression do you want your Let it Kill You film to leave on them after they watch it? 
Adam: We pride ourselves on being gentlemen in life. I tell my nieces to be a lady in their young lives. Don’t curse or be crass. We are missing that in this life these days and we need to get back to it. I am not a prude Sexuality is beautiful but our message is about love is love is love.. to steal from Lin Manuel…. and that is what we always want to lead with.
We want people to have fun and wild and yes, sexy ride! We want people to be scared to death by all the great horror scenes and also want people to be touched to their core by the love scenes. This isn’t The Notebook meets The Howling,(laughs)… this is a straight up werewolf creature feature with a groundbreaking werewolf transformation never before seen in horror that will have people talking ! But it also will tug at their heart strings, and lead them into a conversation about acceptant and inclusion and EQUALITY!




Hellter: I’m sure people will see that to. I really can’t wait to see this film, sounds amazing.  Anything else you want like to discuss or any projects you have coming up?
Adam: I have some other films coming out, one with Daphne Zuniga, and one that is as yet untitled but I have really high hopes for! I just wrapped it a few weeks ago, it has a stellar cast and we had an amazing director, Mark Altman. It’s an indie rom com that has a lot to say.





Hellter: Daphne Zuniga. I loved her on Melrose Place! 
Adam: Yes Daphne plays my love interest … had a lot of fun with her. Lovely, pretty lady.





Hellter: Damn, you have scenes with Daphne Zuniga. Can you tell me how that was before the interview ends?
Adam: It was a lot of fun… I play a detective and she plays someone who thinks she’s being framed for murder and we form a relationship. Had a great connection w her during filming.
Should be out soon. Most likely Lifetime… also untitled … it is going through a name change, so you can just say an upcoming film to be released in 2017.





Hellter: Thank you so much for being our guest today. Good luck with the film. 
Adam: All right man! Thanks for the time!

Adam Huss twitter
Let It Kill You website
Click here for trailer





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