Jessica Cameron’s ladies to Die for: Gigi Saul Guerrero

Hello my lovelies, it’s that time again!


Let’s shine the light on one of my favorite people Gigi Saul Guerrero!


This brilliant lady comes from Canada and has been a shining star in the independent scene for years making many brilliant short films and segments in films like ABC’s of Death 2 and a half and Mexico Barbaro.



She’s not only a powerhouse behind the camera ( directing, producing, writing, etc) but she’s also killing it in front of the camera as well!



One of her upcoming films is a Canadian film from Lisa Ovies, Puppet Killer which I’m super excited for since it looks fantastic!



I’m eagerly awaiting her newest short film, Conocerlos: Get to Know Them, which is set to make the festival rounds this year!



Follow this shining light on social media over on Twitter and Instagram and you’ll see this lady is simply to die for!


Jessica Cameron

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