The Jeepers Creepers 3 Controversy

The Jeepers Creepers 3 Controversy

Thursday, 02 March 2017
(*Editors note – The following does not reflect the views of We at Grue remain 100 percent neutral to such controversies. Our job is to bring you everything relevant in horror and we shall continue to do so. Thank you. -Tim Manton)


Hey there dear Grue-ling’s, your old pal Ani here!


So Tim, the site owner put that editor thingie up top. Dudes a square but I gotta admit, he doesn’t censor his writers. He gave me the green light to comment on this sitch and so I shall.


As the man stated, Grue is neutral…I’m not.


Ok, so what’s the deal?


Recently, a boycott surfaced in regards to the upcoming film Jeepers Creepers 3, the second sequel to the popular series that kicked off way back in 2001. Both previous films were written and directed by Victor Salva who is also writing and directing the third entry.


For those who don’t know, Salva was convicted of sexual misconduct involving the then 12 year old star of Salva’s film Clownhouse. Child pornography was found at his home along with a videotape of one of the encounters with the boy.



He was sentenced to 3 years and served 15 months. He completed probation successfully in 1992.


Let’s get one thing clear: What Salva did was heinous. Period. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE children. Maybe cause I’m a big kid myself. I don’t play games when it comes to protecting them. Fuck with a kid and I will hurt you. Bad. End of story.


To this day, I can’t watch Clownhouse. Knowing what was occurring behind the scenes with the lead makes it a disturbing watch. It’s a shame because it’s a great film.



Since completing probation in ’92, Salva has stayed out of trouble and directed a few notable films such as Powder, Peaceful Warrior, and of course the Jeepers Creepers series. In that time, not a peep regarding his past was heard.


Now, for some strange reason, some folk’s want to boycott his work. They didn’t want to boycott it with part one or two, but they wait until 3. Better late than never I guess.


I’m gonna be blunt here and fuck anyone who’s feeling’s are hurt. This is a result of the state of the times. Social Justice Warriors have come of age and are seeping into every aspect of culture attempting to hi-jack it. Fuck them, fuck them hard with a steel dildo. Go get a hobby.



As I stated, what Salva did was horrible, but he went through our justice system, was convicted, did time and served probation. He’s on a sex offender list for life and must live with the shame of that until his dying day. What more do people want? For him to go off and hang himself? That’s real progressive for ya.


Aren’t there better issues to deal with rather than something that occurred 29 years ago and was dealt with? Like, oh I dunno, Roman fucking Polanski, who has yet to see prison for his crime against a minor? The man still makes movies and wins awards, yet not a peep.



In fact, Hollywood is full of people who have done horrible things, some having received justice, others not. Why Salva, why now? Why didn’t anyone cry boycott when Corey Feldman and Corey Haim spoke about the serious pedophile problem in Hollywood. Why didn’t people boycott Michael Jackson. He’s a LEGEND now. Where were all you warriors at? Can you say hypocrisy? Sure, I knew ya could.


I’m many thing’s: asshole, misogynist, narcissist, megalomaniac, and a slew of other things I can’t spell, but I do believe in second chances. As long as justice is served and the person is willing to change, then I’m all for it. It’s how we evolve. Learning to forgive and to give humanity the benefit of the doubt. We become better as people when we act better than those who would do us harm or wrong us, not by lowering ourselves. Understanding, compassion, empathy. These are the thing’s we need to work on because shit isn’t always black and white.


These sites jumping on the bandwagon and refusing to cover JC3 are a disgrace. Pandering to the SJW crowd. You don’t have a problem discussing Rosemary’s Baby or The 9th Gate eh? If you’re a horror news site, then your job is to report horror news. Period. This would be like not liking Trump’s politics and refusing to cover anything related to him. That’s a VERY dangerous slippery slope.


Grue will continue to cover JC3 and any horror Salva does, not because we think what he did was ok, but because we’re a news site and we report the news. We don’t try to control or manipulate it. We remain neutral and objective unless stated otherwise. That’s how it should be.


29 years ago, Salva committed a horrible crime of which he paid for. This is not a defense, it’s fact. The man has a right to earn a living. So long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else, I’m willing to let bygones be bygones. I like the Jeepers Creepers series and I’m excited about the 3rd entry. All you self-righteous bleeding hearts who claim to be about rights and love. Explain to me how destroying this man after he received justice will achieve any of that? All you’ll do is create more hate. Instead of healing and turning a negative into a positive, you’ll just create more negative.


Why do I bother, common sense is far from that to you people anyway.



If you disagree with what I said, comment or tweet us so I can tell you to go fuck yourself. Thanks. 🙂


Bye now!






  1. Kimmi says:

    Thank you! I sincerely mean that! I’m so sick of seeing this boycotting Jeepers Creepers/Salva thing. The man did his time for what he did so everyone just needs to shut the hell up. I, for one, am with you all the way! I plan on seeing Jeepers Creepers 3 and if anyone has a problem with it, they can all go to hell!

  2. Sam Spade says:

    For those who don’t know, Salva was convicted of sexual misconduct involving the then 12 year old star of Salva’s film Clownhouse. 👉Child pornography was found at his home along with a videotape of one of the encounters with the boy.👈

    Dude f*cked a child. A child. Child. And you trying to shame and attack people for not excusing that?! For what? A few movies?! Man kiss my a** and f*ck this dude man. 15 months ain’t enough time for that sh*t.

    I can’t be upset about what I didn’t know before but now that I know this dude deserves every bit of hate he’s getting and the same for anyone supporting him…for a f*cking movie.

  3. Fahad says:

    First not all people are like what u described them. I myself knew about Polanski and it’s wrong what he did but there was also a grey area in regards to the girl he was with and also its the complete opposite with victor salva who on second viewing of all his movies u get to see the deep persistence of his obsession with young shirtless boys and u get the sick feeling that if he ever gets the chance again he would do it all over again.
    Second, believe it or not I only knew about his past recently and thus I went ahead to research the whole matter (believe it or not to see if he deserves to be looked at differently now even with that horrible sickly filmed incident but found the complete opposite especially with the sick u u undertones of his sick movies.
    Third u are clueless and ignorant as hell about Michael Jackson and it’s a crime to bring his name up in the same space as victor ‘sick convicted’ salva. My life’s research and hard work was and still is Michael Jackson because (again believe it or not) I am a big fan but I wanted to know the truth because I didn’t want to listen to or have anything to do with a pedophile. And from more than 10 years research through interviews, documents, fbi files, recorded material, books, police paper work and investigative files and full court transcripts and financial records I can say that the cases against him were false and evil and he is innocent from them.

    Fourth and finally, it’s one of my life’s interest to research pedophilia within the film and music Indusrty wether it’s regarding someone I’m a fan of or not and I would stop in a heartbeat to support any such sick individual if I can conclude that he/she is one sick person or at least if they still are or showing disturbing signs that are in a really uncomfortable grey area which is the case with victor salva and to know his past and the child pornagraphy he had and the filmed incident of one such abuse coupled with his still persisting sick signes I say fuck him and fuck his movies.

    U have the right to disagree but u don’t have the right to judge others and u cetianly have no right in convicting a person without due research.

    Ur the one who needs to shut the hell up.

  4. Mike Paul says:

    Ani you are exactly what’s wrong with today’s society. You’re defending an animal all because you like his hokey ass movie. He did not serve his time. Getting half a sentence off of an already slap on the wrist is not “serving his time” especially when you stop and consider that his victim has to live out his own sentence every day of his life. Yes he deserves to hang himself for what he put that boy through and people like you who try and make him out to be the victim need to do the world a favor and tie a cord around your neck as well. You’re a sick, sad excuse for a human and all because you like some shitty B-movie that sucked to begin with. Fuck you, Bitch.

    • Ani says:

      Who’s defending Salva? Did I not say what he did was horrible?

      Was his sentence too short, yeah, it was. However, neither you or I or anyone else have the right to lay down our own sentence. That’s subverting the justice system which leads to anarchy. The system is broken, that’s who you go after, not the man.

      I know what that boy went through, probably much, much more than you do. It’s a horrible, horrible thing and my heart goes out to him. It never leaves you and it changes you. I detest Salva for that, but I’m wise enough to know the damage this campaign can do. You and others think this is positive, but it’s the reverse. pedophilia is a mental disorder and people who have it need serious help. Long therapy so they NEVER act on it. However, when they see shit like this, a man who was punished and did his time years later getting attacked to the point of destroying him, guess what? These people who need help become afraid to get it for fear of reprisal and ya know what happens? They succumb and some poor child suffers.

      Think before you act. You speak about the boy who suffered, and you should, it’s sad, but what about the children who may suffer because you chose to ignore the real problem. You don’t solve a problem by attacking the symptom, you solve it by eradicating the cause of the disease.

      In the end, you may stop Salva, you may destroy him and prevent the film from happening. Battle war. the war however….that you lose. So you need to ask yourself: is it worth it?

  5. Matthew says:

    Just a point to clarify: When Powder was released, there was a lot of talk about Salva and concern over the subject matter of the movie. It was the first time I heard of his conviction.

  6. Clarence says:

    You make it sound so chill by calling it “sexual misconduct”

    He fucking forced a 12 year old to suck his dick on a film set. Not just any child…but one of his actors. Someone entrusted to him for the film. I can not believe the fucker still has a career in movies after what he did.

  7. Executioner says:

    it happen almost 30 years ago, give it a rest, he learned his lesson, he paid for his crimes and he hasn’t done anything like that since then. Nathan Forester Winters already forgive Salva and moved on but he won’t forget. Salva served his time, he had a special treatment and he deserves forgiveness like everybody else . I agree what Salva did is terrible but nobody is perfect and it happen in the past like almost 30 years ago, this is 2017, stop living in the past because it’s taking u nowhere, move on and that’s life.

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