Bill Paxton (1955 – 2017)

Bill Paxton (1955 – 2017)

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Jeez, I hate reporting these fucking things!


It’s my sad duty to inform the Grue-ling’s that the great Bill Paxton has passed away.


His family informed the world that Bill, 61, passed due to complications from heart surgery.


Fan’s know that Paxton was no stranger to the genre with roles in films such as Frailty (Which he also directed), Near Dark, Predator 2Night Warning, Deadly Lessons, Mortuary, Impulse, The Terminator, Brain Dead, Future Shock, and of course Aliens.



With his final film, the upcoming The Circle, which also stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, hell add one more horror to the list.

There are actors out there who I just always love watching. Bill is one of them. He always delivered a unique performance that never failed to get a smile out of me. Thanks to him, “Game over man!” is forever part of the pop culture lexicon.



On top of that he was apparently a very humble dude as he once stated:


I’ve had a career that is kind of under the radar, but it sure is varied, and I’ve been so blessed to be able to get paid to do something I love to do.


No Bill, WE were blessed to have had the honor of watching you. Rest well my friend.




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