Gay Character introduced in The Exorcist Tv Series

Gay Character introduced in The Exorcist Tv Series

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

(SPOILERS) The ‘Gay’ Exorcist in The Exorcist – Episode Eight: “The Griefbearers
by Oki Covarrubias

Gay characters are nothing new to popular TV shows, including modern horror shows that have gained popularity these past few years. Almost every season of American Horror Story features a gay character and even The Walking Dead introduced one to the cast in season five. Of all of the current TV shows, I never expected The Exorcist to feature any LBGTQ characters; it’s certainly a topic that quite a few religious people refuse to acknowledge, and if they do it’s usually from a negative standpoint. It was hinted early on that one of the characters from the show, Katherine Rance (Brianne Howey), was in a same-sex relationship before all of the spooky stuff started happening to her family, but another character’s sexual preference was made very clear in the eighth episode so, assuming that the show does get a second season, this could mean that a new gay character will be in the spotlight.

When The Exorcist TV show was first announced, many fans were extremely skeptical. Remakes and reboots have been the hottest trend for quite some time, but very few of those titles have been able to satisfy hardcore fans. With The Exorcist, you’re not just writing a show based on a classic horror film, you’re writing a show based on what some consider “the scariest film ever made”. The show’s creator, Jeremy Slater, definitely must have felt the pressure. The online horror community can be quite vocal about their negative opinions on projects based on already existing work, but after months of constant online complaints, we are now on the 9th episode of the series, and it has been met with mostly positive reviews. It currently has a 77 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Certified fresh!




It’s impossible to honor the original film’s disturbing imagery and vulgar language for a television show that airs on network TV, but there is plenty to enjoy in the show, especially the callbacks to events that occurred in the original. The show does manage to get away with a lot more, not unlike Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell‘, which surprisingly got away with a PG-13 rating. The show has earned the approval of a lot of fans, many of whom claim it to be highly underrated within the horror community, but it some skeptics remain. With this latest episode, the fan base might expand even wider.

Beware, there will be minor spoilers. Towards the end of “Chapter Eight: The Griefbearers,” we were shown a scene in which Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) are having drinks at a bar to celebrate their supposed victory while Joanna Conner, a Chicago-based blues guitarist, performs one of her songs onstage. Father Tomas exits the scene after a short exchange, leaving Marcus alone in his seat with his beer, but he doesn’t go unnoticed. There is a shot of another gentleman eyeing Marcus from across the bar. It’s more than just your casual glance as he keeps his gaze locked on Marcus until he notices and they exchange a coquettish smile. Shortly after this moment, Marcus is distracted by something on the news that makes him realize that the battle against evil isn’t over yet. He quickly leaves the bar and the scene ends with the other man making his way to the spot that Marcus was sitting at, but arriving too late and looking terribly disappointed.

You may disagree, but I personally think it’s confirmed: Father Marcus is gay. It became apparent to me early on that this series isn’t about ‘an exorcism’ the way that the 1973 film was, it’s more about the character’s personal demons and how they’re coming to terms with them. I find it interesting that Marcus’ sexuality doesn’t seem to be the inner demon he faces, even though he’s a priest. In fact, he seems rather unapologetic when it comes to his personality. And although the church does not acknowledge his practice to the public, he continues to actively carry out his occupation in hopes of helping those who need it.
There is a lot going on in the show that I don’t think will be wrapped up in time for the season finale. There are only two episodes left in the season, and that’s most likely not enough time. However, Jeremy Slater has already begun to talk about season two and has confirmed that it would focus a lot of attention on Marcus and Father Tomas. He says that the characters who make it to season two will have “so much to tell the viewers”. If the series does get renewed for another season, I hope that this aspect of Father Marcus is explored as tastefully as it was hinted at. The LGBTQ community definitely needs a strong and charismatic gay character in pop culture to help break the stereotypes that exist and to inspire those who might connect with the character.

The Exorcist TV show will be taking a bit of a ‘Thanksgiving’ break and won’t return until December 9th with Chapter Nine: 162.





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  1. Indigo says:

    Great post!

  2. Darnell says:

    Hi there,
    I personally worked on the initial season for this season and, though I hate to disappoint anyone, Marcus isn’t gay. The person in questio who was standing across from Marcus will be introduced in season 2 and is in fact, someone previously exorcized by Marcus.

    • Yesh says:

      Really?! You worked on the set?!

      But then why does the demon (when it had possessed Casey) say “though I didn’t think girls were your flavor” or something to that effect?

      Guess that just means he is bisexual, right? :-/

      • Rashed says:

        That person above was trolling you. The show runner confirmed Father Marcus being gay in an interview. They are planning to explore his sexuality in Season 2.

  3. Rita says:

    Actually the homosexuality thing was mentioned briefly in the very beginning of the show, I can’t recall which episode, but before the fifth…I think. The demon in Casey at one point remarked that he could have the girl, but it was not his “preferred flavour”.
    That was indication enough for me 🙂 And the scene you described only made it abundantly clear.

  4. I got a very distinct gay vibe from the scientist who invited marcus to go fishing in Season 2 Episode 4 – It was a brilliant episode… but that part left me wondering if it was just my own gay vibes coming out …. because I must admit, being gay myself, my “gaydar” sux. However now that i read your post and recall that scene in season 1, I knew I had to be onto something.
    this is truly an awesome show and season 2 is just as amazing as the first!

  5. Patrice says:

    Gay shmay, if you don’t expect it by now than you’re in a bubble, or in denial. I just wish both priests weren’t such low talkers. My fingers on the vol button up, down, up, down, although it doesn’t help that I’m watching it at 2 a.m. with a silent house. As far as being gay in horror flics, it doesn’t matter if you’re scary,you’re scary- Bring It On!

  6. Linda says:

    2 men kissing was disgusting. Has nothing to do with the show. Some of us really don’t wanna watch that shit.

    • Larry says:

      Totally agree Linda. That was the most horrific scene !
      I am sick to death of EVERY great show these days pandering to the Homo minority. There are plenty of shows specifically for them so stop making it mainstream !

    • Keira says:

      I totally agree I don’t need to see dudes kissing. I don’t need to see chicks kissing. How many gays do you have to have in your show, you even have to make the priest gay? The majority of veiwers don’t want to see Marcus as a homosexual.

      • Sule U Anthony says:

        Thank you so much the whole thing is all so disgusting and insulting to us catholics they just had to take a great show and turn it into something that it’s not!

    • Sathya says:

      Sad to see this too.

    • Tasnim says:

      Thank you Linda. Finally someone said what really needed to be said.
      That scene not just unnecessary, also ruining to watch with family members.

    • Tasnim says:

      Everything doesn’t mix with everything. We have modern family or other great TV shows for that. But not EXORCIST.

    • Paul says:

      I agree entirely Linda. Didn’t expect it and didn’t like it one bit. That desire to make it pass for mainstream is nothing more than a cry for reassurance that these views and lifestyle are so mainstream in that particular aspect of life that they are perfectly well received because it’s just another scene. Which it isn’t, not by a long shot.

      • Paul says:

        And to do it in a show full of fabricated and completely twisted religious views which clearly show a total lack of education from the producers who already shamelessly portray the church in the most negative image possible, makes it even less acceptable. While I don’t have anything against the LGBT community, I don’t want this lifestyle plastered on T.V. It is unwelcome. This is how you lose an audience. Go ahead, preach to a small community and see how your ratings will do. Trying to make the wheel more round 4000 years too late and a million years after it’s been invented. Good luck. Don’t try to reinvent anything now, it’s already been done.

  7. mac lane says:

    the gay thing ruined it for me. my favorite series and the scene kind of ruined it for me.

    • Juan says:

      Hell yea
      Agreed.. Makes you not want to watch anymore… Way to go!!!

      • Rochelle H. says:

        Yes. I just wanted to watch a good clean show. Geez…why in the hell do every show on tv have to advertise gay characters. I have nothing against the LGBT community, but damn why do it in a show full of religion. My kids love this show and I don’t want them to think that a man kissing another man is right. I’m done with the show. Shaking my head..

        • Keira says:

          I’m just curious you say your kids watch this, I hope there are at least teenagers this is not an appropriate program for children. It will traumatize the hell out of them. I watch The Exorcist when I was 14 when it came out on TV in the 80’s. It traumatize so bad that the thought of how her face looked scared the hell out of me for years. I think people are allowing their children to watch certain programs that are way Beyond their age ability to process appropriately.

  8. Sean says:

    Just watched the boat kissing sceen, it makes me sick that i cant watch a scary show and just enjoy the thrills and spookyness… NOPE!!! I have to be drowned in this main stream bullshit. Well done fox! The nfl lost me because the millionaires couldnt stand for the greatest country and now you lost me because you just couldnt do scary, you had to push your agenda on my family…

  9. Hillary Clinton says:

    Kissing scene was just not needed. But this stuff comes out of snowflake land, in the minds of the writers the kissing scene is a victory against Trump. Twisted thinking.
    I’ll continue to watch.
    It’s the writers, desperate to see their own depraved way of life as normal, hitting you over the head with it: “See!! He’s GAY, get it? See? He kissed the other guy! We’re queer, we’re here, and we’re perfectly normal sticking our d-cks up each other’s buttholes!!”

  10. Hillary Clinton says:

    moderate this, asshole!!

  11. Mo says:

    Oh chill out ppl! U see one scene that lasted 1 sec. it ain’t like they were havin sex. Y’all are so homophobic. U see this type of shit everyday in the real world. The writers just wanted to put a twist in it. I hope god lets some love in ur heart. But I bet the sex scene between Andrew & the chick was okay RIGHT! It’s a good show. Don’t let minor shit ruin stuff. SMH TO U!

  12. Bloody Stupid says:

    You taking the horror out of it…….with all this gay stuff……

    That scene killed the vibe… it dont feel like a horror Show no more….. It feels like you was trying to force an agenda on the viewer…….

    I wont watch it no more……fucked up a good Show. …

  13. Azroth says:

    I guess you can’t watch tv series from USA without LGBTQZRSAEWRD agenda being forced down your throat.
    Even in tv series inspired by The Exorcist movie… You forcing it on everyone and later on, you’re surprised that more and more people starting to hate this crap.

  14. Jess Franks says:

    Bloody hell. Damned right I don’t want to see two men TALKING. And having a second-long KISS, followed with a nasty THANK YOU. How DISGUSTING. THE AGENDA PUSHED DOWN MY THROAT.

    My kids need their good clean demonic possession show back without all that filth! They’re too traumatized to enjoy priests screwing around with married women as explicitly as television will allow and all the constant brutal murders that I prefer them to enjoy! Then they had GIVE A CHARACTER A BACKSTORY AND MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THEY’RE GAY WITH A WHOLE KISS I’D HAVE MISSED IF I SNEEZED AND PROCEEDED TO TOTALLY NOT MAKE IT A BIG DEAL TO THE STORYLINE AT ALL?


    (This was sarcasm. Considering the tripe in so many comments I felt they might miss it. It is not alright to cherry-pick things to be outraged about and ignore all the parts that make you a huge hypocrite, kiddos. This is not a “wholesome family show”, and the many reasons for that is not a quick kiss between two men.)

  15. Kira says:

    Why are people not keeping up with the times? Why can’t people just be happy for people who can find someone to love and be loved back by..? There’s already so many humans plaguing the earth I don’t think procreation is actually too necessary right now anyway so why IS it that people condemn same sex couples? When opposite sex couples only fill the world with more unneeded humans that take more resources and that don’t help solve earth’s problems with global warming and resource consumption? Honestly you people are so childish… you think about something as simple as kissing between two men as the anti Christ’s will. Shame on all you homophobes.

  16. Lucifer from Fox (666) says:

    Remember folks, this is Hollywood and everything here is not real…just like God

  17. CT says:

    I just stopped watching the Exorcist, since they want to make the Priest a fagot. The writers, producers and director can go to Hell, to which they belong!

  18. I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

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